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Let’s start with this inescapable, unavoidable and irrefutable fact: People today spend twice as much time online as they did just a decade ago. This digital devotion has not only changed the way we connect and communicate with others, but also the way we shop. As much as 80% of people research products online first before making a final purchase decision, which makes marketing in the digital space essential to the growth and success of your business.

Plainly put, if you want to get it on online, you have to have a digital marketing strategy. But, before we even get into the nuts and bolts of what that is, we need to explore what actually mean when we talk about digital marketing in general.

Digital marketing is an over-arching terms for all your marketing efforts that happen online. So, anything you do to promote your product or service on social media, via email, through organic search on Google, and on your website, all falls under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Marketing has always been about connecting with potential customers at the right time and in the right place, meeting them where they are already spending large amounts of time and money. In today’s world, that place is online.

What’s The Difference Between A Digital Media Strategy And Digital Marketing?

We’re really not trying to make your brain bleed here, but a certain amount of term-throwing-around is a necessary part of what we do. But before you start handing round the paper bags to calm the hyperventilation, let’s take an easy-to-understand look at how digital media differs from digital marketing.

The basic difference is this: digital marketing is what you do, and digital media is how you do it. In other words, digital marketing is the strategic use of digital media to ensure you are easily found online by people searching for a solution that you can provide.

Digital media can be split into three main areas – paid, owned and earned.

Paid media is exactly that – adverts that you have paid to have placed, such as Facebook ads, paid search ads and display ads.

Owned media comprises the many digital assets your brand already owns, such as its website and blogs, social media accounts, ebooks and infographs. The more owned media you have, the more authoritative your company appears and the higher your rankings on search engine results pages.

Earned media is the holy grail of digital media and is generally the best endorsement for your brand. It is generated by your customers, who use a personal blog, review website or, most commonly, social media, to comment on your brand. Of course, comments are not necessarily always positive, so it’s vital to have a response system in place so you can use a potentially negative situation and turn it into a dazzling display of customer service by effectively addressing the problem and solving it to the customer’s satisfaction.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Don’t be put off by the slightly intimidating sound of the word “strategy.” It’s just a posh way of saying, “plan” and it’s essentially the “To Do” list that’s going to achieve your marketing goals for your business using the right online marketing platforms. With so many factors affecting how visible and influential you are online – from content marketing to analytics and SEO – it can be overwhelming knowing when, how and what to use.

This is where engaging the experience and expertise of digital marketing professionals such as Digital Coach can take the pain out of the process.

What Makes A Good Digital Marketing Strategy?

The first step to developing a good marketing strategy is possibly the most obvious, but it needs to be highlighted because sometimes, when something is so obvious we feel it doesn’t need to be said, we don’t say it, and then, because we didn’t say it, it doesn’t get done, so we’re saying it this time. Still with us? Good!

Ok, back to the first step – defining the goals for your business. If you don’t know what your digital marketing is supposed to achieve, how can you a) devise an effective strategy and b) know if it’s been successful? Your goals should all answer the following questions: What do you want to improve? And, How are we going to do it?

There is an absolutely brilliant article from Moz which explains the what, why and how of good digital marketing strategy, but you probably haven’t got time to read it now. So, one of the key take-outs is this: Activities such as writing more blog posts, making more videos and building more links aren’t strategies, they are elements in a strategy.

At Digital Coach, we can develop a digital marketing strategy that comprises the right elements to meet your goals.

Looking For An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy? Digital Coach Can Make It Happen

At Digital Coach, we get the ‘Net. We understand how it works and how we can leverage its various aspects to help boost your brand online. We won’t try to stun your with science, but we also won’t insult your intelligence by over-simplifying the process. What we will do is listen. Listen to what you want to achieve for your business, and the ideas you have to make this happen. Then we’ll devise a strategy that translates your goals and ideas into tangible, workable and measurable actions.

Digital Marketing Strategy Courses

Digital marketing strategy is an essential part of any business’ overall marketing plans, but also offers cost-effective options for those businesses with smaller budgets that won’t allow for offline marketing through more traditional media such as television.

Digital Coach offers an insightful and valuable digital marketing strategy course to help you understand more about this exciting marketing opportunity. Chat to us to find out more details.

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