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DIY Internet Marketing Without The Jargon


An overview checklist dealing with website, Facebook, Twitter and email marketing.

Where are you?

Learn how to use the internet to grow your business in easy, daily steps.

A Facebook checklist and details of how to work with Facebook Insights.

Facebook who?

Advice and guidance on your Twitter set up.

Do your tweets ROCK ?

Vital blog tips, setup, and ideas for writing.

Where Should You Be Blogging?

Tips for instant gratification howto get muscles in 24 hours. Get your ad pumping

How to Build Digital Muscle

The basics of marketing automation and why it is so important to have an email list (and how to build one.)

E-mail Marketing and list building

Its a wrap - start working


What’s Inside

The Coach

The Digital Coach

Kenneth Nel

Having achieved over 3,500 page 1 Google rankings for clients in the last three years, Kenneth is a digital marketing fanatic. After his double espresso every morning, Kenneth does 2,000 PPC push-ups and 750 SEO squats. He runs 20 social media miles each week, and never lets a hurdle get in his way.
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