The Importance of Visibility in the Digital Ecosystem

As we edge ever closer to being fully immersed in the Fourth Revolution, AKA the digital age, it should come as no surprise that businesses absolutely have to be visible in the digital ecosystem. Why? Because your business depends on customers and in order for them to buy from you, they need to know you exist and be able to find you online. In short, with increasingly more customers transitioning to the digital world to conduct research, compare prices, and make purchases, [...]

What is Sales Enablement? How Does it Affect Your Business?

Sales enablement. Another business buzzword to make you spend more money on self-proclaimed consultants? Maybe. Or possibly a trendy label for something that we should have been doing all along. We’ve looked into this for ourselves to establish whether the concept has merit, and - well - to see what the fuss is all about. We discovered some interesting facts that we’d like to share with you so you can determine whether there are holes in your sales systems that need [...]

Learn About LinkedIn: 8 Tools That Make It Work for You

Have you heard of The Invisible Gorilla? This is a book published back in 2010 and co-authored by experimental psychologists Chabris and Simons. In a nutshell, it discusses the research around selective attention. The main thrust of the project deals with how we humans can be so focused on one thing that we can easily overlook something else. “How can this help me learn about LinkedIn?” we hear you ask.LinkedIn is a massive platform with more bells and whistles than you [...]

8 Guaranteed Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Confucius What does this quote have to do with lead generation techniques for professional services, you may wonder? Simply that if you are trying to grow your business then you must accept the fact that what you’re selling is past success.Smart clients are not going to give you money if you can’t prove that you’re responsible, trustworthy, and qualified to act on their behalf. Here’s what that looks like. The Challenge of [...]

How to Post on Facebook

How to Post on Facebook  Facebook is a way for people to connect with friends and family located all over the world. On the other hand business owners want to know how to post on Facebook for advertising purposes. If you want to increase your visibility online then you need to know how to post content on your Facebook page. Whether you’re posting videos, images or links to drive traffic to your website you must know how to do these posts [...]

Preparing for the Cookie-Free Future

In 2020 Google announced it will join Apple and Mozilla in phasing out third-party cookies in its web browser by 2022. Between them all, Google Chrome (64%), Apple Safari (19%), and Mozilla Firefox (4%) take up 87% of the global browser market.This means that third-party cookies – which have driven the online advertising economy for the past two decades – will soon be consigned to internet history. Although it is still unclear what will follow in their tracks, we [...]

Internet Marketing Services – What it is and How it Can Help Your Business Grow

We are currently living in a digital age so most people do their shopping, communication and research online. If your business doesn’t have an online presence it can be extremely detrimental to its growth. Digital marketing is a way you can generate leads and turn them into customers. As a result, you’ll increase your company’s sales and you’ll be making major profit. But not everyone is a marketing professional. That’s why you need the assistance of internet marketing services. Find out [...]

Reducing Friction and Improving Alignment to Get the Best Out of Your Marketing Team

In a business setting, there are employees that are from all walks of life. You will be hard pressed to find anyone with the same personality. Sometimes these differences in opinion can cause friction between employees. If you’re experiencing this in your marketing team it could be highly detrimental to the wellbeing of your business and marketing efforts.If your marketing team don’t get along it could mean less business exposure and opportunity. Some marketing members may even become competitive [...]

3 Lead Generation Strategies to Create a Magical Marketing Cocktail

Don’t you love a good cocktail? It’s like a mini event on its own; a glass of something beautiful and heady with colourful umbrellas and often, with a cherry on top.When you think about the marketing strategies that you’ve used for your business, are you more of a cocktail person or do you tend towards a beer funnel approach? For most of us, the whole point of digital marketing is to generate leads and encourage people to purchase our product [...]

How to Grow Your Shopify Business With Google Ads and SEO

If you’re still viewing digital commerce as a secondary channel then you’re short-changing your business. You’re possibly losing out on traffic, sales and revenue. Why? That’s where your customers are.With the Covid pandemic in our midst, online purchases are becoming increasingly popular as digital channels are proving to be the more viable and safer transacting option. The stats speak for themselves: according to Statista, there has been a large increase in online shopping as a direct reaction to the pandemic. It’s [...]