Is Your Business Slowing Down, Now is the Time to Pivot to Digital

Internet marketing is undoubtedly one sure way to increase traffic, leads and sales for any business—but only if done right. We often hear that running a business requires you to be a risk taker of some sort. What does this mean? To make it in business, complacency goes out the window. Quite frankly, the ever-changing business environment simply won’t reward laxity.Internet marketing is the key to increasing your visibility, reaching a wider niche and boosting your revenue. A progressive [...]

How to get your business to allow you to do more of what you love.

A guide on how to make money with online marketing. In this article I'm going to talk about what it takes to move your business from the point of working 24/7 and having no time to spend with your family, to going digital correctly, and getting the quality time with your family you really wanted when you started this in the first place.   You can do more of what you love. If you would rather skip to the end and just set [...]

I Want a Cheap eCommerce Website

There is a global scramble for the online space. Brick and mortar businesses have realised with shocking clarity that they need to go where the people are...and the people are online. “Cheap eCommerce website” seems to be the Google search of the day.If you’re a start-up and just finding your feet in business, then you’re on a budget, we get it. But if you’re an established business, or you have funding to get your fabulous concept to market, then [...]

The Digital Gold Rush | Mining the miners | The Digital Coach Reading

How did Amazon and Google become so big so quick - Might be they know something about the difference between mining the miners and the art of mining. What does Levi Strauss and Google have in Common? They knew where the true gold was. There is not much difference between the Gold Rush era and today's digital gold rush. Except that maybe there could be a lot more winners if only you knew where to mine or better still if you [...]

How to Pivot in a crisis like COVID-19 or the Wuhan virus

Like times gone before we will make it through this pandemic call the “wuhan virus” or COVID-19We could speculate on who or where or what caused the pandemic, the truth is we are here now and need to adapt or starve, and I mean that quite literally for many people. Companies have shut down and millions have lost their employment or worse lost their companies due to the forced lockdowns. The truth of the matter is that this is not the [...]

Your Internet Marketing Budget – The ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of Spending Your Money

We’re going to out on a limb and state categorically that your internet marketing budget is the lifeblood of your business. (Especially if you’re a start-up.) In a world that lives and dies by your most recent position on the Google results page, it’s safe to say that your online activities are your business. So, the nutshell version which answers the question of spending your marketing budget wisely is this:Don’t spend any money without first gathering accurate data. Make sure that [...]

Florida 2: Google’s Broad Core Update

The Florida 2 update, now renamed the March 2019 Core Update is Google’s latest broad core algorithm update. Many may know that Google actually releases updates daily to improve search results, and core algorithms happen several times a year. What’s so special about the Florida 2 a.k.a March 2019 Core Update? Florida 2 Is Biggest Update in Years That heading alone will have online businesses paying attention and for good reason. The update involves website ranking – a hot issue for [...]

Growing Your Business: How Digital Marketing Works in the Real World

Imagine for a moment that you form part of Navy SEAL Team Six. You’re in the Gold Squadron and, alongside other troops, you are preparing for an extremely hazardous strike, crouching quietly in the dark and awaiting orders. If we said to you at this point that there has been no reconnaissance, there was very little intelligence gathered, the troops next to you were guys that someone found at the gym, and your mobility teams were all at the [...]

What is Digital Marketing, and Why is it Like Dating?

Stop asking “What is digital marketing” and start asking, “What is dating?”If you’re here to find out what digital marketing is, bear with us. There are things that can only be defined by the use of incredibly clever and slightly rambling analogies.You see, not all of us understand the intricacies of the murky world of marketing. Fewer still understand digital marketing. But we all understand dating – at least – we should by now.If you want to meet a [...]

Step by Step Guide to Creating a User Persona, and Why You Need One

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an insistent sales call which ended with you wondering how in the world they got your number and why they would think that you’re interested in their product anyway? This is an example of a business using a “spray and pray” approach to marketing, throwing stuff out there and hoping that some of it will stick. What they have neglected to do, is create a user persona for their product.If [...]