The Top Five Social Media Marketing Laws You Have To Know

Doesn’t it drive you insane when you scroll through your Facebook page and every second thing you see is some random ad or post that is about as interesting and relevant to you as a shoe advert would be to a snake? What is it with these so-called targeted ads that persistently and irritatingly speckle our social media feeds? It seems that, despite having access to incredibly sophisticated and clever ad targeting technology, brands are still getting it woefully [...]

How to Get Video Content Marketing Right For Your Biz

According to some clever clogs in the world wide web, if a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth 1.8 million… exactly. While that number may seem pretty random, the fundamental thought behind this equation is that video is a key element in marketing – and it makes a massive difference to your engagement and the success of your efforts.Are you involved in video content marketing for your business?Before we get too deep, let’s confirm exactly [...]

Big Internet, Small Business Ideas. Here’s How Professional Social Media Management Can Bring The Two Together

Ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I’m sure you have - it’s a much-loved, and often-used, expression. And it’s as relevant today as it was back in the 14th Century, which is when its first use was recorded. Basically, it refers to someone who tries to do everything himself and ends up being OK at some things, mediocre at others and downright rubbish at the rest. When you wear too many hats instead of [...]

One Shot – One Kill. How to Find The Customer Pain Point And Close The Sale

Of course, we don’t mean literal pain. This is a generic analogy for “solutions to customer needs,” but you get the point. If your customer is in pain – in other words, if they have a need, or a problem that needs solving – they want a product or service that kills the pain or solves the problem. How do they find this product or service? They do an online search. And thankfully, because you took some awesome digital [...]

Four Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Social Media Agency

So, with over 2.4 billion social network users worldwide – and most of them on Facebook – it’s no wonder that businesses love social media. It’s a wonderful playground for networking, a great platform for promoting products and services, and the perfect place to speak your mind about, well, everything. However, as a business, how do you go about choosing the right social media agency? Social Media – I Can Do It Myself Yes, you certainly can. And as nobody knows [...]

What Does Google’s New Mobile-First Indexing Mean for Your Business?

“Actually, most of my users access my site on desktop so I’m not too worried about my site being mobile-responsive.”That is an actual quote from a client who requested a site audit. As we worked through the audit results we determined that the page speed was sluggish, there was little to no content on some of the pages, there were no meta descriptions or SEO titles in place, and there were no alt tags on the images. However, the [...]

What’s The Importance Of A Website? Start-ups, This One’s For You!

One Mississippi, two Mississippi….That’s how I learned to count seconds as a child. So, please indulge me here for a second and say “one Mississippi” out loud. Did you do it? Now think about this: In that one second, in the time it took you to say “one Mississippi,” Google processed 40 000 search queries. By the time you’d finished reading that sentence, it had processed over 100 000 more.The numbers are pretty hard to get your head around, [...]

Social Media – Start-up Businesses’ Secret Weapon

The UK is a great place to start a business. And I’m not just saying that because I live here and am therefore possibly a tad biased. Both of which, are, of course, true! But this time, my bias is actually backed up by hard and fast research! Forbes recently rated the UK the fifth best country in the entire world to start a business. (And the entire world, at the most recent count, was sitting at 195 countries, [...]

Why You Should Optimise Your Website For Global Traffic

As native English speakers, we can be very arrogant. No, it’s true. I’m the first one to put up my hand. No matter where I go, I expect people to speak my language. Hello, it IS English after all. It’s like the only language that matters, right? What do you mean you don’t parlay Anglais? This is France! That’s, like, in Europe! Which is basically in England. So, what the heck, Dude?And what is it with website pages that [...]

Do You Have A Start-up? Marketing Is Easier In These Top UK Cities

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard a thousand times. It crops up in the myriad house hunting/moving to the country shows we see here all the time in the UK on TV. We hear it mentioned with great authority by our friends in the real estate business. And we’ve possibly even used it ourselves in conversations where we want to sound learned and wise. That phrase, dear reader, is “Location, location, location.”Of course, you knew that.And you know it’s [...]

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