The Great Click Bait Conundrum – To Use Or Not To Use

You’ve heard of click bait and fake news, right? Hold that thought…It only lasted two minutes, but boy, did the earth move during that time. How many conversations with the girls over a glass or two of wine have started like that, I wonder?In this case however, the context was very different.The two minutes in question occurred on the morning of October 10, 2017. Between 9.34 and 9.36am, E.T, to be exact. In those two short minutes, the earth [...]

SEO: Small Business, Meet Your BFF

Starting your own business is not fun. Which is something your friends didn’t mention when they were encouraging you, during a long and prosecco-fuelled night at the pub, to take the plunge and just do it. What is that Coldplay says? “Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be so hard.” But it is hard. It. Is. So. HARD! And there will no doubt have been a hundred times, during those heart-palpitating, sleepless-in-the-middle-of-the-night moments, when you just [...]

Great Scot! Here’s A Good Start-Up Strategy: Open A Business In Edinburgh!

Getting started on your start-up strategy Let’s take a look at a couple of things we know about Scotland. Actually, maybe you didn’t previously know these things about Scotland because, well, why would you? I mean, everyone has surely heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, but who has ever heard of Morag? No, really. Morag is Nessie’s rival for loch monster fame. Many people believe she lives in Loch Morar. Reported sightings, some by multiple witnesses, date back to [...]

Here’s Why You Want to Get Yourself Into A Sticky (Content) Situation

You’ve probably heard of a sticky wicket. However, in case you haven’t, the expression refers to a difficult or tricky position (and no, we’re not talking Karma Sutra here!) It’s similar, I suppose, to getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. But different from when you're stuck in a rut. And not at all like those awkward situations when you're stuck for conversation. Or when you stick your nose into someone else’s business.Actually, when you stop to think about it, most [...]

Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Professional Website

Think about your employees for a minute. Well, to be more specific, think about your very best employee. You know the one I mean. That wonderful person who seems to walk into the office every morning in movie-esque slow motion. The one who draws everyone’s attention when they glide across the floor to the coffee machine or water cooler. And of course, the one who makes record sales month after month, or who produces mind-blowing reports that impress even [...]

Optimise Your Business with Optimised Content

If you’re a regular reader of these blogs, you’ll know what a fan I am of content. To be honest, I couldn’t actually call myself a digital marketing transformation coach if I weren’t passionate about it. Content, notably optimised content, forms the framework on which all good digital marketing strategies hang. It’s the stuffing in your website’s cushion. The petrol in its tank, and the food in its ever-hungry stomach.And it’s not just me who feels this strongly about [...]

How The Right International Digital Marketing Strategy Can Take Your Business To A Global Audience

One of the really great things about living in such digitally connected times is that we are no longer constrained by traditional limits. Our computers and mobile devices can take us to wherever in the world we want to go. In the amazing realm of cyberspace, borders cease to exist, and barriers simply disappear. In this exciting digital world, we can talk “face to face” with friends and families on the other side of the planet whenever we want. Communication [...]

Going Global? Here’s How Digital Marketing Can Help

Deciding to expand your business internationally is both exciting and scary as heck. It’s pretty much the biggest step you can take outside your comfort zone. In fact, it takes you so far out of your comfort zone, you’re looking at in your rearview mirror!When you think about it, growing a business is a lot like growing a child. The early years are a blur of not enough sleep, general exhaustion, and worrying about a thousand things. Then you [...]

Social Media – How To Talk To A Global Audience

Age may just be a number, but numbers in themselves can actually be quite important. Many regard the number 27, for example, as being very significant. Did you know our beloved Earth is made up of only 27% land? Maths boffins tell us that 27 is the trinity of trinities when it comes to numbers – 3x3x3=27, 3x3=9, and 3x9 = 27. And chat to a tennis fan and they’ll tell you a tennis court is 27 feet wide.Why [...]

Kenya – Taking Digital Marketing To The Max

Let’s think about Africa for a minute. It’s the second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world after Asia. Over 1.2 billion people, spread over 53 countries, call this vast and diverse continent their home. Experts estimate that by 2050, there will be another 2.2 billion people on our planet, and over half of this growth will occur in Africa. It is a continent ripe with promise and possibility.Kenya is at the very centre of this explosive expansion.In a [...]

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