What To Do When Your Services Page Isn’t Performing

Or, to put it another way, if your website’s Services Page was one of your sales reps, would you promote it, or fire it? Is it doing its job, or does it spend far too much time chatting to Bonnie from Payroll? Is it bringing in valuable leads and closing sales, or does it prefer to stand around the water cooler looking for unsuspecting souls to lure in for a not-so-quick gossip sesh?Here’s the thing:We don’t tolerate underperformance from [...]

Is It Time To Hire A New About Us Page?

Take a minute to think about all the people in your company. ALL of them. Even Scary Viv from Accounting, and Weird Brian from, actually, where is Weird Brian from, and what exactly does he do all day?The point is though, that your people are your company. Yes, even the scary and weird ones. They (well, most anyway) are the power behind your products and the secret behind your service. Each one (again, most!) in his or her own [...]

Is It Time To Fire Your Home Page?

Imagine that it’s performance appraisal time. The awful time of year that strikes fear and trepidation into the hearts of all but the most annoyingly confident employees. The time when sadistic HR managers, who love to feast on fear and anxiety, start throwing around terms like “KPIs,” “quantifiable measurements” and “data points,” just to watch you squirm.As employers, we rely on these appraisals to tell us how our people are doing. Are they making a valuable and quantifiable contribution [...]

eMarketing For Startups – Come On In, The Water’s Great

Your journey of a thousand sales begins with a single click. But if you’re a brand-new start-up business, getting that first, precious click can be tricky. No one knows who you are, what you do or where to find you.You need to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion! Blow your own trumpet, strut your stuff and do whatever other clichés take your fancy.I know you’re thinking you don’t have the budget for any kind of marketing efforts, but, with [...]

Women in Business – Online and On the Rise

Disappointment is not really my colour. Nor is shame. And yet I have been forced to wear both more and more recently.  Not through any direct fault of mine, I must hasten to add. Although perhaps, as a man, I am complicit in some way to the situation.Here’s the thing:When it comes to women, men are pretty clueless. And when it comes to women in business, we are even worse than that! Let me stun you for a few [...]

It’s Time You Got Trendy – Four Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Last time we checked, our crystal ball was in for repairs. And our Cloak Of Clairvoyance was at the dry cleaners. Luckily though, we don’t need either of these things to talk about digital marketing trends. Trends that will dominate the rest of this year and likely well into 2018.Why?Because digital marketing is not actually a dark art that relies on such things. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness and proven-effective way of putting your product or service in front of [...]

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy, And Why Do You Need One?

Before we get too hung up about what we mean when we talk about a digital marketing strategy, let’s just dial things back a notch and refresh our brains as to what we mean when we talk about digital marketing in general. Or maybe we should even take it back a step further, and remind ourselves what we mean when we talk about marketing. Good old, plain and simple, reassuringly tangible marketing.There is so much arm waving and jargon-spouting [...]

Let’s Not Beat Around The Bush: Meet The Big 5 Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is like traditional marketing on steroids.It’s faster, more versatile and significantly more affordable than offline marketing methods. Think about the cost of sending an email or writing a Facebook post compared to producing and airing a TV ad, for example. They’re not even in the same ballpark.Digital Marketing is also one hundred percent measurable and trackable, so you can monitor results in real time and quickly gauge the success – or not - of your campaign, [...]

Digital Marketing – It’s Time We Got Back To Basics

As digital marketers, we’re often guilty of being slaves to our own egos. We love to dazzle our clients with industry jargon and buzzwords, thinking (mistakenly) that the more unintelligible we sound, the more impressive we’ll be and the more money our clients will throw at our feet.Because clearly, we must be undisputed experts in our fields if we can ramble on at length about all the exciting, shiny things that no one else understands. The sheer vastness of [...]

Great Website Content – YES, it’s still very important

Have you noticed that Google’s featured snippet and direct answers are at the top of its search results page? What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization?Does this spell the end of traditional content marketing?What it means for digital marketers is that content is more important than ever. And no, it does not spell the end of content marketing. If anything, it highlights its importance! What is this featured snippet/direct answer of which you speak? When a user types question [...]