Women in Business – Online and On the Rise

Disappointment is not really my colour. Nor is shame. And yet I have been forced to wear both more and more recently.  Not through any direct fault of mine, I must hasten to add. Although perhaps, as a man, I am complicit in some way to the situation.Here’s the thing:When it comes to women, men are pretty clueless. And when it comes to women in business, we are even worse than that! Let me stun you for a few [...]

It’s Time You Got Trendy – Four Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Last time we checked, our crystal ball was in for repairs. And our Cloak Of Clairvoyance was at the dry cleaners. Luckily though, we don’t need either of these things to talk about digital marketing trends. Trends that will dominate the rest of this year and likely well into 2018.Why?Because digital marketing is not actually a dark art that relies on such things. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness and proven-effective way of putting your product or service in front of [...]

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy, And Why Do You Need One?

Before we get too hung up about what we mean when we talk about a digital marketing strategy, let’s just dial things back a notch and refresh our brains as to what we mean when we talk about digital marketing in general. Or maybe we should even take it back a step further, and remind ourselves what we mean when we talk about marketing. Good old, plain and simple, reassuringly tangible marketing.There is so much arm waving and jargon-spouting [...]

Let’s Not Beat Around The Bush: Meet The Big 5 Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is like traditional marketing on steroids.It’s faster, more versatile and significantly more affordable than offline marketing methods. Think about the cost of sending an email or writing a Facebook post compared to producing and airing a TV ad, for example. They’re not even in the same ballpark.Digital Marketing is also one hundred percent measurable and trackable, so you can monitor results in real time and quickly gauge the success – or not - of your campaign, [...]

Digital Marketing – It’s Time We Got Back To Basics

As digital marketers, we’re often guilty of being slaves to our own egos. We love to dazzle our clients with industry jargon and buzzwords, thinking (mistakenly) that the more unintelligible we sound, the more impressive we’ll be and the more money our clients will throw at our feet.Because clearly, we must be undisputed experts in our fields if we can ramble on at length about all the exciting, shiny things that no one else understands. The sheer vastness of [...]

Great Website Content – YES, it’s still very important

Have you noticed that Google’s featured snippet and direct answers are at the top of its search results page? What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization?Does this spell the end of traditional content marketing?What it means for digital marketers is that content is more important than ever. And no, it does not spell the end of content marketing. If anything, it highlights its importance! What is this featured snippet/direct answer of which you speak? When a user types question [...]

What are the Top Priorities an Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed?

Business owners juggle many balls. Choosing a business idea. Getting the funding you need to make your dream a reality. Branding. Production. Time management. Staff. Marketing … and everything else.It can be hard to keep all those balls in the air. There are too many of them and, after a while, something’s gotta give. You’re going to start dropping some of those balls.How can you focus your energies to have the most productive impact for your your [...]

Why More U.S. Businesses Are Succeeding Now Than Ever Before

Last week we spoke about the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)’s annual report on the state of entrepreneurship the world over. In the report, GEM highlights the unusually high rate of entrepreneurship in the U.S. The United States consistently exhibits among the highest entrepreneurship rates in developed economies. At 14% of the U.S. population of working age, entrepreneurship rose in 2014 to the highest level in the 16 years GEM has assessed this activity. This level represents approximately 24 million Americans [...]

Entrepreneurs in the United States: A Dying Breed? … Or Alive and Well?

Every time we turn around, it seems like one more mom and pop store has been swallowed up by a mega corporation. Some say that this spells the beginning of the end - the death of entrepreneurship in the US.But the numbers tell a different story. A Remarkable Recovery 2008 - 2009 spelled a dark time in the world economy. Heralding the biggest financial downturn the world has faced since the early 1920s, this period has been given the euphemistic label [...]

Content Marketing Tools

The only way content marketing and online marketing REALLY work is if they are fuelled by LOTS of great content. But it's easy to run out of things to say. Especially if writing isn't actually your day job (and even then, it can be a challenge!).The beauty of the internet is that it brings with a range of FREE, useful tools that make writing about what you do so much easier. These tools save you time so that you [...]

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