Content Marketing

What is Sales Enablement? How Does it Affect Your Business?

Sales enablement. Another business buzzword to make you spend more money on self-proclaimed consultants? Maybe. Or possibly a trendy label for something that we should have been doing all along. We’ve looked into this for ourselves to establish whether the concept has merit, and - well - to see what the fuss is all about. We discovered some interesting facts that we’d like to share with you so you can determine whether there are holes in your sales systems that need [...]

8 Guaranteed Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Confucius What does this quote have to do with lead generation techniques for professional services, you may wonder? Simply that if you are trying to grow your business then you must accept the fact that what you’re selling is past success.Smart clients are not going to give you money if you can’t prove that you’re responsible, trustworthy, and qualified to act on their behalf. Here’s what that looks like. The Challenge of [...]

One Shot – One Kill. How to Find The Customer Pain Point And Close The Sale

Of course, we don’t mean literal pain. This is a generic analogy for “solutions to customer needs,” but you get the point. If your customer is in pain – in other words, if they have a need, or a problem that needs solving – they want a product or service that kills the pain or solves the problem. How do they find this product or service? They do an online search. And thankfully, because you took some awesome digital [...]

The Great Click Bait Conundrum – To Use Or Not To Use

You’ve heard of click bait and fake news, right? Hold that thought…It only lasted two minutes, but boy, did the earth move during that time. How many conversations with the girls over a glass or two of wine have started like that, I wonder?In this case however, the context was very different.The two minutes in question occurred on the morning of October 10, 2017. Between 9.34 and 9.36am, E.T, to be exact. In those two short minutes, the earth [...]

Here’s Why You Want to Get Yourself Into A Sticky (Content) Situation

You’ve probably heard of a sticky wicket. However, in case you haven’t, the expression refers to a difficult or tricky position (and no, we’re not talking Karma Sutra here!) It’s similar, I suppose, to getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. But different from when you're stuck in a rut. And not at all like those awkward situations when you're stuck for conversation. Or when you stick your nose into someone else’s business.Actually, when you stop to think about it, most [...]

Great Website Content – YES, it’s still very important

Have you noticed that Google’s featured snippet and direct answers are at the top of its search results page? What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization?Does this spell the end of traditional content marketing?What it means for digital marketers is that content is more important than ever. And no, it does not spell the end of content marketing. If anything, it highlights its importance! What is this featured snippet/direct answer of which you speak? When a user types question [...]

Content Marketing Tools

The only way content marketing and online marketing REALLY work is if they are fuelled by LOTS of great content. But it's easy to run out of things to say. Especially if writing isn't actually your day job (and even then, it can be a challenge!).The beauty of the internet is that it brings with a range of FREE, useful tools that make writing about what you do so much easier. These tools save you time so that you [...]

How to make a good website that gets traffic and converts

"Good" can be a subjective term: everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a good website, for instance, based on their tastes, preferences, needs, and personal experience. But a good website can be measured objectively in terms of delivery: does the website rank in Google searches?This is a useful benchmark, and it's what we use to define our websites as good - or in need of work.Often, what makes a website rank well in a Google search seems [...]

Information Revolution

First, we had words. Language. We spoke.And we forgot.And so we made tools, and carved our words indelibly into the rock around us.We wanted to remember.But rocks are hard to carry.And so, we invented paper. And that was good enough for all of mankind for a good, llooonng time.Until one day, Johan Gutenberg decided he'd had enough of all the carpal tunel, and he gave us the printing press. This revolution changed the world in every conceiveable way, allowing [...]

Content is king

Copywriting is more science than art. While talent always helps, the fact is that the basic steps for creating great content - content that gets you found - are easy to learn.Let's take a look at some of the foundations of great content:Remember that your words should never get in the way of what you're trying to communicate. As writers we're often tempted to show off our giant vocabulary and cleverness with the great words we choose.This is a [...]