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Do I Need to Change my Marketing Tactic to Optimise for Voice Search?

Take a look at your hand. It is made up of 5 digits, each of which is essential in picking up your beer, for example, but each with their own unique features. In much the same way, your digital marketing strategy will make use of a range of individual elements but each one works toward the same goal; increasing sales. Which leads us to the question, “Do I factor in voice search in my digital marketing?” With newer, smarter phones [...]


Can a Social Media Campaign Stand Alone in Digital Marketing?

We have had so many calls over the years from clients – large and small – who have asked if we can put together and manage a social media campaign. The short answer is, “Of course we can.” However, creating a social media campaign as a stand-alone digital effort and hoping that it’s going to turn your product into a booming, viral phenomenon is only going to result in disappointment. Why? Social media is a tool, in the same way a [...]


If Search Marketing Doesn’t Work for You, You’re Doing it Wrong

Search Marketing, also known as SEM, is becoming one of the most efficient ways for pretty much every business out there to spend their marketing budget. The reason is simple: if you want to know something, find something or buy something, you go to one of the search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo – they are all eager servants, ready to serve up whatever Sir requires. However, we aren’t here to write yet another blog about why you should be advertising [...]


How Cross-Channel Marketing Increases Engagement And Conversions

There has never been a more challenging time to be in marketing. I mean, seriously. Just when we think we have all the answers, they change all the questions. And just as we get within touching distance of the goalposts, they move them. And who are “they?” Why our dear customers of course. In the past, we marketers made all the decisions, and consumers followed us blindly. Today, however? Not so much. Modern customers have much more control over [...]


The Top Five Social Media Marketing Laws You Have To Know

Doesn’t it drive you insane when you scroll through your Facebook page and every second thing you see is some random ad or post that is about as interesting and relevant to you as a shoe advert would be to a snake? What is it with these so-called targeted ads that persistently and irritatingly speckle our social media feeds? It seems that, despite having access to incredibly sophisticated and clever ad targeting technology, brands are still getting it woefully [...]


Do You Have A Start-up? Marketing Is Easier In These Top UK Cities

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard a thousand times. It crops up in the myriad house hunting/moving to the country shows we see here all the time in the UK on TV. We hear it mentioned with great authority by our friends in the real estate business. And we’ve possibly even used it ourselves in conversations where we want to sound learned and wise. That phrase, dear reader, is “Location, location, location.” Of course, you knew that. And you know it’s [...]


Going Global? Here’s How Digital Marketing Can Help

Deciding to expand your business internationally is both exciting and scary as heck. It’s pretty much the biggest step you can take outside your comfort zone. In fact, it takes you so far out of your comfort zone, you’re looking at in your rearview mirror! When you think about it, growing a business is a lot like growing a child. The early years are a blur of not enough sleep, general exhaustion, and worrying about a thousand things. Then you [...]


Kenya – Taking Digital Marketing To The Max

Let’s think about Africa for a minute. It’s the second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world after Asia. Over 1.2 billion people, spread over 53 countries, call this vast and diverse continent their home. Experts estimate that by 2050, there will be another 2.2 billion people on our planet, and over half of this growth will occur in Africa. It is a continent ripe with promise and possibility. Kenya is at the very centre of this explosive expansion. In a [...]


How Kenya is Surfing the Internet Marketing Wave

To most people who don’t live in Kenya, this diverse, beautiful and fascinating country is best known for its incredible wildlife parks and tropical paradise coastline. The bookworms among us will also know it as one of the favoured haunts of Nobel Prize-winning author, Ernest Hemmingway. Kenya features prominently in several of Hemmingway’s short stories, as well as in his non-fiction book, Green Hills of Africa. The echoes of his passionate affiliation to the country can still be found today [...]


Bridging The Gap Between Digital Strategy And Implementation

It’s a question people have been asking since, well, the advent of questions, really. Early Man probably had no problem devising great strategic ideas for successfully capturing a mammoth, but found it more difficult to turn those ideas into actual food for a month and a fantastic woolly floor covering. Military generals throughout history have prided themselves on their carefully devised attack plans, only to have things go badly sideways on the actual battlefield. And corporate leaders can spend [...]

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