Digital Marketing

Let’s Not Beat Around The Bush: Meet The Big 5 Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is like traditional marketing on steroids.It’s faster, more versatile and significantly more affordable than offline marketing methods. Think about the cost of sending an email or writing a Facebook post compared to producing and airing a TV ad, for example. They’re not even in the same ballpark.Digital Marketing is also one hundred percent measurable and trackable, so you can monitor results in real time and quickly gauge the success – or not - of your campaign, [...]

Digital Marketing – It’s Time We Got Back To Basics

As digital marketers, we’re often guilty of being slaves to our own egos. We love to dazzle our clients with industry jargon and buzzwords, thinking (mistakenly) that the more unintelligible we sound, the more impressive we’ll be and the more money our clients will throw at our feet.Because clearly, we must be undisputed experts in our fields if we can ramble on at length about all the exciting, shiny things that no one else understands. The sheer vastness of [...]