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The Digital Gold Rush | Mining the miners | The Digital Coach Reading

How did Amazon and Google become so big so quick - Might be they know something about the difference between mining the miners and the art of mining. What does Levi Strauss and Google have in Common? They knew where the true gold was. There is not much difference between the Gold Rush era and today's digital gold rush. Except that maybe there could be a lot more winners if only you knew where to mine or better still if you [...]

Speaking the Language of the People Equals More Customers. Here’s How.

Relationships can succeed or fail based on our language choice. Fact!Whether we are talking to our kids, our spouse, our employees or our customers, our own word choice is critical in getting the response we want.Let’s take an example: “You keep spending too much money on the credit card and it makes me so angry!” gets the point across in no uncertain terms.Hmm, are you looking for a scrap with your significant other?If not, then how can you reword [...]

One Shot – One Kill. How to Find The Customer Pain Point And Close The Sale

Of course, we don’t mean literal pain. This is a generic analogy for “solutions to customer needs,” but you get the point. If your customer is in pain – in other words, if they have a need, or a problem that needs solving – they want a product or service that kills the pain or solves the problem. How do they find this product or service? They do an online search. And thankfully, because you took some awesome digital [...]

What Does Google’s New Mobile-First Indexing Mean for Your Business?

“Actually, most of my users access my site on desktop so I’m not too worried about my site being mobile-responsive.”That is an actual quote from a client who requested a site audit. As we worked through the audit results we determined that the page speed was sluggish, there was little to no content on some of the pages, there were no meta descriptions or SEO titles in place, and there were no alt tags on the images. However, the [...]

How To Make Your Contact Us Page The Best P.A. In The World 

 Admit it. We’d all like our PAs to be like Blake from Madam Secretary or Donna from Suits. (Okay, so strictly speaking, Donna is no longer a PA, but she was for the first six series, so work with me here, people!) These two epitomise everything that a fantastic Personal Assistant should be – efficient, hard working, totally indispensable and, as an added bonus, they know exactly how Elizabeth and Harvey like their coffee.Sadly, many of us don’t have [...]

What To Do When Your Services Page Isn’t Performing

Or, to put it another way, if your website’s Services Page was one of your sales reps, would you promote it, or fire it? Is it doing its job, or does it spend far too much time chatting to Bonnie from Payroll? Is it bringing in valuable leads and closing sales, or does it prefer to stand around the water cooler looking for unsuspecting souls to lure in for a not-so-quick gossip sesh?Here’s the thing:We don’t tolerate underperformance from [...]

Is It Time To Hire A New About Us Page?

Take a minute to think about all the people in your company. ALL of them. Even Scary Viv from Accounting, and Weird Brian from, actually, where is Weird Brian from, and what exactly does he do all day?The point is though, that your people are your company. Yes, even the scary and weird ones. They (well, most anyway) are the power behind your products and the secret behind your service. Each one (again, most!) in his or her own [...]

Is It Time To Fire Your Home Page?

Imagine that it’s performance appraisal time. The awful time of year that strikes fear and trepidation into the hearts of all but the most annoyingly confident employees. The time when sadistic HR managers, who love to feast on fear and anxiety, start throwing around terms like “KPIs,” “quantifiable measurements” and “data points,” just to watch you squirm.As employers, we rely on these appraisals to tell us how our people are doing. Are they making a valuable and quantifiable contribution [...]

It’s Time You Got Trendy – Four Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Last time we checked, our crystal ball was in for repairs. And our Cloak Of Clairvoyance was at the dry cleaners. Luckily though, we don’t need either of these things to talk about digital marketing trends. Trends that will dominate the rest of this year and likely well into 2018.Why?Because digital marketing is not actually a dark art that relies on such things. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness and proven-effective way of putting your product or service in front of [...]

What are the Top Priorities an Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed?

Business owners juggle many balls. Choosing a business idea. Getting the funding you need to make your dream a reality. Branding. Production. Time management. Staff. Marketing … and everything else.It can be hard to keep all those balls in the air. There are too many of them and, after a while, something’s gotta give. You’re going to start dropping some of those balls.How can you focus your energies to have the most productive impact for your your [...]