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Should I Invest in a Paid Search Campaign to Attract my Audience?

Have you ever been involved in speed dating? Personally, none of us here have, but we’ve heard its loads of fun. The basic idea is to try and connect with as many people as you can in a very short space of time and determine whether they are the right fit for you. The reason we’re talking about this is simply that speed dating is very much like paid search in the world of marketing.Come and explore this with [...]

Should I Be Using PPC Ads Or Classified Ads To Set My Business On Fire?

PPC, SEO, DUI, DIY, BYO – the world is awash with acronyms, and the digital marketing realm is guilty of a large chunk of these. For clarity, these terms are not meant to confuse the public. Although that does sometimes feel like the sole reason for their existence. If you are not a digital fundi and you don’t know your PPC from your SEO, then it will be our pleasure to shed some light. PPC ads, in particular, are [...]