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How to Find Long-Tail Keywords to Rank in a Competitive Industry

We’ve chatted before about long-tail keywords and how they benefit both the online business which uses them correctly and the user conducting the search. The theory is simple; the more relevant words or phrases that you use in a search, the more accurate your results will be. However, while we may understand the theory, how do we actually find long-tail keywords to use on our website when we are in a competitive industry? What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Just so we’re all [...]


Do I Need to Change my Marketing Tactic to Optimise for Voice Search?

Take a look at your hand. It is made up of 5 digits, each of which is essential in picking up your beer, for example, but each with their own unique features. In much the same way, your digital marketing strategy will make use of a range of individual elements but each one works toward the same goal; increasing sales. Which leads us to the question, “Do I factor in voice search in my digital marketing?” With newer, smarter phones [...]


Google is Longing for Long-Tail Keywords

So, let’s say you walk into a hardware store. The pleasant and slightly shrill shop assistant asks you how he can help, and you say, “Brush”. He rushes off and brings you a gorgeous new brush from their premium canine care range which is perfect for your long-haired furry friend. Eyebrow raised, you say to the assistant, “Paintbrush”. Aha! He dashes off again and brings you a fine, horse hair paint brush, ideal for oil on canvas. It’s beautiful, [...]


What Does Google’s New Mobile-First Indexing Mean for Your Business?

“Actually, most of my users access my site on desktop so I’m not too worried about my site being mobile-responsive.” That is an actual quote from a client who requested a site audit. As we worked through the audit results we determined that the page speed was sluggish, there was little to no content on some of the pages, there were no meta descriptions or SEO titles in place, and there were no alt tags on the images. However, the [...]


Why You Should Optimise Your Website For Global Traffic

As native English speakers, we can be very arrogant. No, it’s true. I’m the first one to put up my hand. No matter where I go, I expect people to speak my language. Hello, it IS English after all. It’s like the only language that matters, right? What do you mean you don’t parlay Anglais? This is France! That’s, like, in Europe! Which is basically in England. So, what the heck, Dude? And what is it with website pages that [...]


SEO: Small Business, Meet Your BFF

Starting your own business is not fun. Which is something your friends didn’t mention when they were encouraging you, during a long and prosecco-fuelled night at the pub, to take the plunge and just do it. What is that Coldplay says? “Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be so hard.” But it is hard. It. Is. So. HARD! And there will no doubt have been a hundred times, during those heart-palpitating, sleepless-in-the-middle-of-the-night moments, when you just [...]


Optimise Your Business with Optimised Content

If you’re a regular reader of these blogs, you’ll know what a fan I am of content. To be honest, I couldn’t actually call myself a digital marketing transformation coach if I weren’t passionate about it. Content, notably optimised content, forms the framework on which all good digital marketing strategies hang. It’s the stuffing in your website’s cushion. The petrol in its tank, and the food in its ever-hungry stomach. And it’s not just me who feels this strongly about [...]


Why More U.S. Businesses Are Succeeding Now Than Ever Before

Last week we spoke about the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)’s annual report on the state of entrepreneurship the world over. In the report, GEM highlights the unusually high rate of entrepreneurship in the U.S. The United States consistently exhibits among the highest entrepreneurship rates in developed economies. At 14% of the U.S. population of working age, entrepreneurship rose in 2014 to the highest level in the 16 years GEM has assessed this activity. This level represents approximately 24 million Americans [...]


Information Revolution

First, we had words. Language. We spoke. And we forgot. And so we made tools, and carved our words indelibly into the rock around us. We wanted to remember. But rocks are hard to carry. And so, we invented paper. And that was good enough for all of mankind for a good, llooonng time. Until one day, Johan Gutenberg decided he'd had enough of all the carpal tunel, and he gave us the printing press. This revolution changed the world in every conceiveable way, allowing [...]


Anatomy of an search engine optimized solution

A website that doesn't get you found is worth nothing. It doesn't matter how pretty it looks. It doesn't matter how much you spent on it. It doesn't matter what your photography cost, or how great your e-commerce portal is. If you are not optimized for effective SEO or search engine optimized shame. All of that is wasted if no one very finds you. And without a site optimized for search, no one will. Search engine optimization seems complicated at first. But [...]

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