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What Does Your Social Media Presence Say About You?

You’ll be surprised at how many businesses we meet with who dismiss the importance of a social media presence as part of their digital strategy. With a disdainful wave of their hand, they state categorically that their audience isn’t on Facebook, Instagram is simply a waste of time, and LinkedIn is a giant job search portal. Love it or hate it, social media is not going anywhere fast and is a key platform for businesses. Here’s why. Business Branding and Your [...]

The Disruptive Power Of Social Media: Here’s Why We Love It – And You Should Too

Nothing Works Harder, Faster Or More Effectively Than Social Media To Generate Massive Exposure For Your Brand JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. July 2018. What do we mean when we talk about “disruption?” These days, the word has shrugged off its traditionally negative connotations and has morphed into something we all strive for. Because disruption challenges the status quo. It’s doing things that no one’s ever done before. It’s changing the way people think and behave. Social media knows this well, and [...]

The Number Of People Using Social Media Tips The Scale At Three Billion Every Day

Here Are 10 Social Media Tips You Need To Reach Them JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, JULY 2018. As of April 2018, there were three billion active social media users in the world - each with an average of 5.54 social media accounts. Not surprising then, that over 90 percent of retail brands use two or more social media channels, and over 80 percent of SMEs use some kind of social platform for their marketing. Yes, that’s a lot of numbers, but [...]

Why Bad Social Media Reviews Are Better Than None

Circus master PT Barnum is loosely credited with first coining the expression, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” His basic premise was that, as long as people are talking about you – no matter what they’re saying – it’s a good thing, because your name is on everyone’s lips, and that keeps you relevant. Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde supported this theory when he famously said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being [...]

What Is A Social Media Job, And How Can You Get One?

Are you a little Twitter obsessed? Or perhaps you’re nursing a worrying Facebook habit? Well, take heart, because you’re not the only person in the world with a slight social media addiction. And this is exactly what makes social media platforms such fantastic arenas for companies to leverage to get their brands out there in the digisphere. Any business with even the smallest amount of marketing knowledge knows that to reach more potential customers, you need to engage with [...]

The Top Five Social Media Marketing Laws You Have To Know

Doesn’t it drive you insane when you scroll through your Facebook page and every second thing you see is some random ad or post that is about as interesting and relevant to you as a shoe advert would be to a snake? What is it with these so-called targeted ads that persistently and irritatingly speckle our social media feeds? It seems that, despite having access to incredibly sophisticated and clever ad targeting technology, brands are still getting it woefully [...]

Big Internet, Small Business Ideas. Here’s How Professional Social Media Management Can Bring The Two Together

Ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I’m sure you have - it’s a much-loved, and often-used, expression. And it’s as relevant today as it was back in the 14th Century, which is when its first use was recorded. Basically, it refers to someone who tries to do everything himself and ends up being OK at some things, mediocre at others and downright rubbish at the rest. When you wear too many hats instead of [...]

Four Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Social Media Agency

So, with over 2.4 billion social network users worldwide – and most of them on Facebook – it’s no wonder that businesses love social media. It’s a wonderful playground for networking, a great platform for promoting products and services, and the perfect place to speak your mind about, well, everything. However, as a business, how do you go about choosing the right social media agency? Social Media – I Can Do It Myself Yes, you certainly can. And as nobody knows [...]

Social Media – How To Talk To A Global Audience

Age may just be a number, but numbers in themselves can actually be quite important. Many regard the number 27, for example, as being very significant. Did you know our beloved Earth is made up of only 27% land? Maths boffins tell us that 27 is the trinity of trinities when it comes to numbers – 3x3x3=27, 3x3=9, and 3x9 = 27. And chat to a tennis fan and they’ll tell you a tennis court is 27 feet wide. Why [...]

Social Media Influence: It’s Undeniable Effect in Kenya

The August 2017 presidential election in Kenya was different to any previously held in that country. There were still two candidates, and there was still tireless campaigning. But there was one thing that separated this election from any other held so far. And which will undoubtedly shape the way all future election campaigns are run. Social media. The 2017 Kenyan elections were where social media influence in this country truly came of age. Millions of dollars were spent convincing millions of [...]

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