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Social Media – How To Talk To A Global Audience

Age may just be a number, but numbers in themselves can actually be quite important. Many regard the number 27, for example, as being very significant. Did you know our beloved Earth is made up of only 27% land? Maths boffins tell us that 27 is the trinity of trinities when it comes to numbers – 3x3x3=27, 3x3=9, and 3x9 = 27. And chat to a tennis fan and they’ll tell you a tennis court is 27 feet wide.Why [...]

Social Media Influence: It’s Undeniable Effect in Kenya

The August 2017 presidential election in Kenya was different to any previously held in that country. There were still two candidates, and there was still tireless campaigning. But there was one thing that separated this election from any other held so far. And which will undoubtedly shape the way all future election campaigns are run. Social media. The 2017 Kenyan elections were where social media influence in this country truly came of age. Millions of dollars were spent convincing millions of [...]

Information Revolution

First, we had words. Language. We spoke.And we forgot.And so we made tools, and carved our words indelibly into the rock around us.We wanted to remember.But rocks are hard to carry.And so, we invented paper. And that was good enough for all of mankind for a good, llooonng time.Until one day, Johan Gutenberg decided he'd had enough of all the carpal tunel, and he gave us the printing press. This revolution changed the world in every conceiveable way, allowing [...]

Gather your tribe – Facebook

Each digital channel has it's own set of rules. Different techniques work on the different channels. And if you know which approach works best for each one, you can tailor your efforts to make the most of the opportunities they all represent.Remember: the more content you have out there, and the more links you share back to your website, the better your chances for success. Facebook: Your Tribe of Raving Fans As far as Facebook is concerned, this is the place [...]

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