7 Day Gear Up Series

The series consists of 7 lessons over 7 days that will help you get your digital strategy off the ground. Or – as we like to say - stop being a bench warmer and start being a player. These 7 lessons will consist of a series of checklists, info-graphics, and advice on how to either get your digital presence working or to better direct your digital team in the right direction. Here's what you can expect: Lesson 1 An overview checklist dealing with website, Facebook, Twitter and email marketing. Lesson 2  A Facebook checklist and details of how to work with Facebook Insights. Lesson 3 Advice and guidance on your Twitter set up. Lesson 4 Vital blog tips, setup, and ideas for writing. Lesson 5  Tips for instant gratification how to get digital muscles in 24 hours. - get [...]

Digital Marketing Course | The Basics

Your complete toolbox to make more money online A business that never makes sales is not a business at all. But to make sales, you need leads. And you need to know how to convert those leads. We'll coach you in how to use the web - through online marketing and social media - to generate leads. Our business coaching will teach you how to close those leads when you get them - and how to build a profitable online business. All [...]

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