7 Day Gear Up Series

The series consists of 7 lessons over 7 days that will help you get your digital strategy off the ground. Or – as we like to say – stop being a bench warmer and start being a player.

These 7 lessons will consist of a series of checklists, info-graphics, and advice on how to either get your digital presence working or to better direct your digital team in the right direction.

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Here’s what you can expect:

Lesson 1
An overview checklist dealing with website, Facebook, Twitter and email marketing.

Lesson 2 
A Facebook checklist and details of how to work with Facebook Insights.

Lesson 3
Advice and guidance on your Twitter set up.

Lesson 4
Vital blog tips, setup, and ideas for writing.

Lesson 5 
Tips for instant gratification how to get digital muscles in 24 hours. – get found on ad words

Lesson 6 
The basics of marketing automation and why it is so important to have an email list (and how to build one.)

Lesson 7 
The big questions: Who are you talking to? Who do you want to talk to? Are you talking to the right people?

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