Creating A Marketing Video That Gets You an 800% Conversion Rate

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Creating A Marketing Video That Gets You an 800% Conversion Rate

Creating A Marketing Video That Gets You an 800% Conversion Rate

800 percent? Yes really. According to The Digital Marketing Institute, there are some pretty compelling reasons to get down to creating a marketing video: “Marketers, we’ve been hearing lots of stats like these: by 2017 video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop and landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion.”

Why are marketing videos so valuable? We’ve discussed this in previous articles but the bottom line is that videos educate, inform and convert exceptionally well – even if you only achieve half of the quoted 800% conversion rate.

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But the big question now is, what do I need to do to create a compelling video? Even if you don’t have a big budget and trained actors, you can still create a DIY video which does the job. Here’s how.

Key Steps to Include When Creating A Marketing Video

Create a Video That Tells a Story

Nobody likes being sold to, but we do like being entertained and educated.

If the sole message of your video is “buy my product” then you can stop right now. You’ve missed the point.

Think carefully about how you want your brand to be perceived and what you would like your viewers to take away from the video.

Sports brands don’t sell shoes, but rather focus on passion, fitness, and the thrill of the game. Spice companies don’t sell the ingredients in their products but create delicious dishes in which their spice plays a starring role. Underwear brands don’t sell things that hold all your bits in place, rather, their emphasis is on how sexy you will feel in their product.

Your story may be the journey of one your customers; think creatively about what would inspire you to watch this video.

Give Attention to the Video Title and Keywords

Your marketing video needs a name, and it simply can’t be 2018_52a.mp4! The title of your video needs to speak to the goal of your campaign and include the words which are both relevant and likely to appear in search results (SEO friendly.)

For example, if you are selling health supplements then your video would need to include at least some of the names of the product (for example, Omega 3 or Tea Tree Oil), as well as what question or pain point the video will answer.

As an example, a video entitled “Omega 3 in Your Body” is not specific or enticing enough to be picked up by your target audience, even if it’s placed right in front of them. But something like “Can Omega 3 Help with ADHD in Children?” would be more compelling.  Omega 3 – your keyword – is clear, you are answering a specific question for concerned parents, and putting the sentence together as a question is likely to tie in with the exact words that your audience would type in their search bar.

Don’t Bore Your Audience

“I would rather be confused for 10 minutes than bored for 5 seconds.” So said Russel T Davies, Welsh screenwriter and producer. And the numbers agree with him! One report shows that 20 percent of viewers need to be engaged within 10 seconds or we lose them.

Carefully consider who will be presenting the material: if the business owner is Boring Bob with the personality of a cardboard box, then get someone else in the company to do it. Interview customers directly and let them talk naturally, using their own words which conveys an authentic message. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly, perhaps a bit risqué or blunt – obviously within the bounds of common decency.

Just because you love your new brand of noodles, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will find them exciting.

Tell Viewers What to do Next

Any marketing effort – no matter the medium – needs a strong call to action. Your audience needs to know what to do next, and this message needs to be clear and unambiguous.

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This comment from Video Brewery sums video content marketing up nicely: “Takeaway: Video marketing increases sales and leads. If you’re not a video marketer, you’re losing customers to those who do. Businesses that incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rate. Why would you leave all that value sitting on the table?”

Where to from here?

If you’ve been thinking about creating a marketing video, then we hope that you are a few steps closer to success. If you need help and you want to get it right the first time, then pick up the phone and call one of the Digital Coaches. We do video, and we make it work for you.

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