TDC101 Digital Marketing
The Basics

Course Plan

New lesson each week for 12 months


$39.97 per month for 12 months

A business that doesn’t make sales is no business at all. But to make sales, you need leads. And once you have those leads, you need to know how to convert them. Using the web to create an online presence and to draw great, qualified leads to your business does not happen by accident.

Let us walk you through how to make the best use of the web – through smart online marketing and social media – to generate those all-important leads.


What We’ll Cover

Marketing Research 101

How do we see into the minds of our customers, and get the jump on our competitors? Let’s find out what makes them tick.

Identifying Your USP

What makes you different from your competitor? Here’s how to define your “remarkable” and put it to good use.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Channel your efforts and use your budget wisely. Find out how to identify your target audience, and how to reach them effectively.

Brand Identity

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Find out why your brand identity is one of your most valuable assets.

Telling Your Story

Every business has a story – here’s how to make yours worth reading, and how to make it work for you.

Psychology of Marketing

We are all driven by emotion. Knowing how your customers think equals tangible marketing success!

Email Marketing A-Z

Email is still one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get in front of your customer. Here’s how to do it properly.

Website Marketing 101

Savvy marketers, like policemen, are great at directing traffic. Read on to find out how to drive more quality traffic to your website?

SEO Demystified

SEO is the lifeblood of your online success. What does it mean, and how can you get it to work for you?

Social Media Made Simple

If you’re frightened of Facebook and ignorant about Instagram, read this to turn you into a social media mastermind.

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Course Overview

Why should I take this course?

Step By Step Guide

Our coaching team doesn’t just throw information at you. Rather, we have developed a step-by-step course which starts at the beginning and gives you the most relevant information in a logical, easy-to-follow order.

Our practical, hands-on coaching will show you how to:

  • Discover who your target audience is
  • Identify your unique selling points and unpack your brand
  • Use the science of marketing to your advantage
  • Uncover which tools to use, how, and why
  • Unpack SEO and how to make it work for you

And so much more!

You will be able to set up each element as you go along and watch it work for your business!

Invest In Your Success

Online marketing means no more knocking on cold doors or paying tens of thousands to mediocre sales reps.

Invest in your business by taking control of your online marketing.  It’s easier than you think!

Course Overview

Module 1 – Base to start building your brand – Brand Identity – Marketing Strategy

  • Where do I start?
  • Who do I talk to?
  • What channels do I use?

Module 2 – Applying the Digital Strategy – Tactics to enhance the attraction

  • What is a lead magnet?
  • How to create lead magnets
  • Deploying lead magnets

Module 3 – Converting the attraction to money – Tactics for closing the sale and collecting the money

  • Landing Page theory
  • Social Media theory
  • SEO/SEM conversion tactics

Module 4 – Enhancing the WOW – creating the magic – getting referrals and increasing the value of a client reputation management

  • Brand Management
  • Star Dust

How the course works

The course is completely online and powered by the Learn Dash platform.

4 Modules (broken up into 52 weeks).

$24.97 per calendar month for 12 months.

Homework each week, compiled and submitted at the end of each module.

15 minute Skype video call with The Coach on completion of the course to discuss the homework assignment and the next steps for your business.

TDC101 Digital Marketing
The Basics

Course Plan

New lesson each week for 12 months


$39.97 per month for 12 months

  • Elise Hart Sonnenberg Avatar
    Elise Hart Sonnenberg

    I was there today. Great overview of digital marketing. I am inspired to tell my story and to use the help of professionals at this game. Thanks Kenneth and your team for the motivation. Where to go from here....out there!

    Vongai Mumbula Avatar
    Vongai Mumbula

    Attended the training on 9 May 2017. It was very informative and great to see how much effort was put into it. Great coach, great coffee! Thanks

    Kevin Wilson Avatar
    Kevin Wilson

    Absolutely incredible workshop that I attended this morning, had so much useful information given to us and taught in a very understanding manner. Loads to grasp but loved it all!! Great job guys!!!

  • Gareth Coats Avatar
    Gareth Coats

    If you're looking for a vibrant, clearly pitched and informative way to learn more about Digital Marketing then The Digital Coach 101 is perfect for you. Kenneth has a wealth of information he just can't help but sharing, his advice... read more

    Stuart Goodwin Avatar
    Stuart Goodwin

    Thank you Kenneth (and Jade and David) for the GREAT talk- I really learnt a lot and look forward to dealing more with you guys. I only gave you 4 stars because the water for the coffee ran out...hahaha!!

    Arnold Palmer Avatar
    Arnold Palmer

    Digital Coach 101 is a must for all businesses who wants to grow and enhance their online presence and even. The coach really opened my eyes how we under-utilize the digital and social media to increase our customer base and... read more

  • Jayshree Ramjee Avatar
    Jayshree Ramjee

    What an amazing, informative workshop. Thank you Kenneth and Jade. For the lovely coffee as well!!

    Liza Claire Hooper Avatar
    Liza Claire Hooper

    Very inspiring and informative workshop this morning Ken, our key takeaways for the morning ... "To have fun with what we are doing" share .. share ! and of course.... create a statement, that is spoken about.. because More is... read more

    Michael David Chiole Avatar
    Michael David Chiole

    Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was meaty and really demonstrated the possibilities of using our modern day exposure through Social Media and Websites. Optimisation of the use of these media I believe will create effective branding,marketing and generation of qualified... read more

  • Bridgie Thysse Avatar
    Bridgie Thysse

    Thank You to Kenneth and David for sharing their knowledge with me at their recent Digital Talk! The information received is beyond valuable and I am so excited to put it into action �� A wonderful Team to work with!

    Rico Zaaiman Avatar
    Rico Zaaiman

    It is so refreshing to meet a team that understands the need to tell a story. Kenneth and Jade thank you for making this as much fun as we could have. Engaging, informative and thought-provoking!

    Bryce Greeff Avatar
    Bryce Greeff

    I'd just like to give a Big Shout out to Kenneth, David and Jade who spent their time and energy on the morning of Thursday 16 March, to educate, facilitate and navigate our small intimate group through the intricacy of... read more

  • Tracy Harris Avatar
    Tracy Harris

    Woooow what an amazing, informative and incredible morning to spend time Kenneth at his Digital marketing cource. I has so many aha moments and he has change the way I view facebook and websites and the importance thereof by having... read more

    Chanti Jackson Avatar
    Chanti Jackson

    Attended the free digital marketing workshop today. Kenneth shared valuable information which is vital to anyone who wants to maximise their business digitally. All the information was easy to understand and Kenneth is superbly knowledgable about all aspects of digital... read more

    Jade Moore Avatar
    Jade Moore

    Love what you do and how you help people to understand the digital environment.

  • Danie Barnard Avatar
    Danie Barnard

    I have for a long time been looking for someone who can REALLY get the maximum out of digital marketing for me and my business. Based on what I saw and learned yesterday, I have no doubt I am at... read more

    Trunette Vd Westhuizen Avatar
    Trunette Vd Westhuizen

    Thank you for the very informative workshop this morning. I learned a lot and I am now really excited about digital marketing. I will definitely recommend @digitialcoach101 workshops to any business owner in any field!

    Merrilyn Osborn Mack Avatar
    Merrilyn Osborn Mack

    Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop this morning. A very informative experience that puts the digital media and how everything is linked into perspective. A lot of information to grasp but would like to put into practice the concepts discussed. A lot... read more

  • Madeleine Colling Avatar
    Madeleine Colling

    In this new digital era, we are never to old to learn. I recently attended a very valuable and information session with Kenneth from The Digital Coach who clearly has a huge passion for this untapped industry. Kenneth has travelled... read more

    Gallah Pankhurst Avatar
    Gallah Pankhurst

    Wonderful! I really loved it! So enticing and entertaining

    Monica Groome Avatar
    Monica Groome

    Good presentation to understand the digital world for your business

  • Kelly McCarthy Avatar
    Kelly McCarthy

    I learnt so much from their workshop. I can't wait to apply it practically !

    Chris Budai Avatar
    Chris Budai

    Great workshop this morning thanks guys. Very informative and learned a great deal about the ins and outs of digital marketing...

    Searchmore Mwashita Avatar
    Searchmore Mwashita

    Was a very good experience.The interaction with the Coach was so good.not a computer boffin but I could follow what he was talking about.

  • Andrea Isaacson Avatar
    Andrea Isaacson

    Thank you Kenneth and Jade for an awesome session on Tuesday. It was informative, entertaining and interactive. The content was simplified and explained in such a way that everyone was able to understand. Many "Uh Huh" moments and lightbulbs went... read more

    Daksha Parsad Avatar
    Daksha Parsad

    Excellent energy and great insight into the digital world. Real eye opener. Wouldn't mind attending again in all honesty. To the entire team :Thank you for a great seminar.

    Dayne Marshall Avatar
    Dayne Marshall

    I found Kenneth to be very well informed in this world of Digital marketing and we will look at contracting them to learn a lot more

  • Gary Botha Avatar
    Gary Botha

    Thank you Kenneth and Jade for inviting me to your session today. I have a whole new perspective on Digital Marketing now. The session was worth every minute of my time and has given me a lot to work on... read more

    Stuart Steele Avatar
    Stuart Steele

    What a superb presentation we heard about digital marketing. So informative and helpful to reach our digital goals. I would recommend your services and expertise to everyone

    Rodger Metelerkamp Avatar
    Rodger Metelerkamp

    A belated thank you for a very informative workshop on a very complicated subject.


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