Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the future of marketing. There is no escaping this fact, and we shouldn’t even try. It’s not one of those nasty side effects of rampant technology that we simply have to put up with, it’s an affordable, customisable, effective, practical, and versatile way to reach your ideal target audience. And it’s completely trackable and measurable, giving you a deeper, more valuable insight into consumer habits, preferences and behaviours than has ever previously been possible.

A little bit old-school and techno-averse? Well, whatever your personal relationship is with technology, and no matter how you feel about the meteoric rise of all things Internet, embracing the possibilities digital marketing provides for your business is absolutely crucial.

Here’s the bottom line:

Digital marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your brand in the 21st Century – if you’re not visible online, you’re not visible at all.

Is Online Marketing Different To Digital Marketing?

Online marketing IS different, although it does fall under the general digital marketing umbrella. Whereas digital marketing relates to all digital channels, platforms and devices, both online and offline, online marketing is, as its name implies, marketing that needs a real-time, live Internet connection to work. It does not include platforms such as mobile marketing.

Here are a few examples of popular online marketing efforts:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Online marketing is the ideal way to establish a more personal connection with existing and potential customers both locally and internationally.

Want to know the best part?

Even small businesses with limited marketing budgets can benefit from online marketing efforts. It’s a low-cost method to ensure valuable content reaches relevant people in a personalised way.

Are Internet Marketing and Online Marketing The Same Thing?

In a word, yes. Internet marketing and online marketing refer to the process of promoting your brand, product or services on the Internet.

Here’s a staggering statistic for you:

The Internet has an average of 3.77 billion users. Every. Single. Day. (Yup, we did say billion!)

So, you just can’t afford not to use this incomparable resource to make sure your business ends up in front of a huge pool of potential customers.

How Does Digital Media Fit In To All This?

In a modern-day, George Orwellian kind of way, all good content is created equal, but some is more equal than others. And while using digital media to disseminate this content is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, not every type of digital media is suitable for every type of marketing campaign.

Digital media falls into three categories: Paid, Owned and Earned, and the role of content in any of these categories is to entertain, educate, persuade and convert.

Paid digital media is what we traditionally think of when we think of advertising – payment in exchange for leveraging a specific channel. If done correctly, the cost of ensuring your ad reaches a larger audience who might not otherwise see it should be significantly eclipsed by the resulting increase in sales.

Owned media is anything directly controlled by your brand, such as your social media accounts, website or blogs. It has the benefit of longevity when compared with a paid campaign – your website will (hopefully) always attract customers as long as its active and updated.

Earned media is like online word of mouth, and uses your customers as your promotional channels. Shared content and social media comments can help boost your brand, but any negative reviews or comments (which are completely out of your control) need to be acknowledged and addressed as soon as possible.

Relax – Your Digital Marketing Agency Has Got This

At Digital Coach, we know the ins and outs of digital marketing and all its rabbit hole components can be a bit confusing. But that’s why we’re here. We can demystify the process for you to help you understand why it’s a good thing for your business, and then go about creating a strategy for you that will boost your brand online and, over time, boost your bottom line too.

Yes, we are just that awesome.