Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Question: How often do you use the Map app on your phone, or the built-in sat nav in your car to help you find a new location for the first time? Answer: Pretty much always! No one fights with A1-sized maps anymore, trying to work out which turn-off to take and whether you even have the darn thing the right way up. Instead, we just type in our desired destination and push Go.

It’s the same with finding things online. Whenever we want to know something, we simply type in our search query on the Search Engine bar, push Enter, and within milliseconds, we have hundreds, if not thousands of search results.

But how do those results appear on our screens? How does the search engine know where to look?

Welcome to the world of SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

There are literally thousands of articles available online explaining what Search Engine Optimisation is, and how it works. But the reason you’re reading this instead is because you don’t have the time (nor, I’m guessing, the inclination!) to wade through layers and layers of cyberspace.

Very wise!

Without wanting to over-simplify or “dumb down” Search Engine Optimisation – because it is actually incredibly fascinating (But, again, time…) it is basically the practice of making website pages more visible to search engines (and therefore to potential customers) through a combination of smart techniques and practices designed to increase not only the quantity but also the quality of traffic to your site.

Quality is really important – you don’t want to be attracting people looking for beer glasses when you actually sell reading glasses! Getting visitors to your site is important, but getting the right visitors to your site is critical.

So is choosing the right SEO company.

What Does An SEO Company Actually Do?

Because SEO is a combination of several factors, many of which are highly complex and technical, using an SEO company like Digital Coach to manage the process for you means you can get on with doing what you do best – running your business – while we get on with making sure your business is found by as many relevant people as possible.

Some SEO companies will try and baffle you with the proverbial, or blind you with science, while others will have you convinced it’s a dark art worthy of a special class at Hogwarts.

We believe in actually explaining the process to you so that you understand just how vital it is to the success of your business. We want you to be on board with the analytics behind the anagram, and to understand not just what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it.

To Do SEO Right, You Need The Right SEO Tools

SEO specialists have a host of clever tools in their toolboxes that provide extensive and comprehensive data about every aspect of your website and who’s looking at it. We can tell what words, relevant to your business, are searched for most often, and can advise on how to include them in your content. We can tell how long people spend on each page of your site and how many pages they look at in total.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are two of the most vital tools in any SEO expert’s toolbox, and most other tools simply piggyback off the data they provide.

What SEO Services Can I Expect?

At Digital Coach, we provide the full spectrum of Search Engine Optimisation services to boost your website’s search page rankings and increase your customer conversion rates. Some of our services include:

Technical Services:

  • Clean up your site’s code so that it loads and runs faster.
  • Improve the ease of navigation of your site so that visitors can easily find exactly what they want.
  • Add an XML sitemap so search engine spiders (crawlers) can quickly and easily visit the different pages on your site.
  • Identify and eliminate any errors picked up by the search engines
  • Add internal links to other pages within your website so that getting to a different page and finding out more about your business is as easy as a quick click!

Content Services:

Constantly creating and optimising content is a great way to drive more organic traffic to your website. We can help this process by:

  • Editing, rewriting or removing duplicate content.
  • Boosting the performance of underperforming landing pages by adding keyword-rich, well-written copy.
  • Strategically placing keywords in your page titles to help search engines find and rank your pages.
  • Formatting text, adding images and changing colours to encourage conversions.

Well done on a great start. Now it’s time to chat to one of our friendly team to get you on the road to digital success.