Website Creation

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If your customers can’t find you online, they probably won’t find you at all. True story. Over 80% of consumers do their research online first before making a final purchase decision, and if your website doesn’t strike them as being secure and professional, you risk losing customers before you’ve even met them.

Website Building – Do Something Constructive

As with anything you build, you have to do it properly or it’s going to fall down sooner or later. It’s the same with your website. If you’re not a professional builder, you wouldn’t even attempt to build your house yourself, so why, if you’re not a professional designer, why would you try your hand at website building?

DIY website building programmes – especially the free ones – often have limited capabilities and restrict the graphics and text you can use. A professionally designed website is not subject to these limitations. It can be designed and built exactly the way you want it and can be as responsive and interactive as you need it to be.

Design A Website and Build A Brand

Because we’re in the business of website design, you could be forgiven for thinking we’ll say anything to convince you how important it is to have yours professionally designed.

Oh ye of little faith!

Some of the most influential giants in the international digital marketing arena are saying exactly the same thing. If you have the time, take a look at this eye-opening report on Hubspot, but if time is a bit like rocking horse doo doo in your life at the moment, then here’s a summary of the most important takeaways from the article.

  • Over two-thirds of people would rather read something that’s been beautifully designed rather than something plain.
  • You will lose almost 40% of your potential customers if images take longer than a few seconds to load, or don’t load at all.
  • 38% of people stop engaging with your site if the content and/or layout are unattractive.

Let Us Create A Website For You That Really Works

At Digital Coach we will custom-design a website for your business that meets your marketing goals, whether you want to increase your online sales, boost foot traffic to your physical business premises, or expand your international visibility and reach.

We’ll make sure the colour scheme, text and site architecture provide an optimal user experience to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. We’ll also apply the latest SEO strategies to make sure your site is optimised correctly and can be found easily by the right people. And we can provide ongoing maintenance and updates to your site to keep it relevant and in line with industry trends.

Do you have questions? Call us now and find out how we take your business to the next level.

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