Gather your tribe – Facebook

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Gather your tribe – Facebook

Each digital channel has it’s own set of rules. Different techniques work on the different channels. And if you know which approach works best for each one, you can tailor your efforts to make the most of the opportunities they all represent.

Remember: the more content you have out there, and the more links you share back to your website, the better your chances for success.

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Facebook: Your Tribe of Raving Fans

As far as Facebook is concerned, this is the place people gather to be with their tribe. Like-minded people find each other there. They find that they are not alone. They find their identity … and their voice.

When you post to Facebook, you want to engage your potential followers at that level. Speak to their challenges. Share their triumphs. Engage their tribe spirit.

The content you share should be inspiring. It should inspire either hope, joy or humour. Or it should show that, whatever challenges your tribe faces, you get it. Your brand gets it. You have what they need to make it all better.

What kind of content can I share?

The beauty of Facebook is that it lends itself to a range of content types – there’s something for everyone here. Some ideas for what you can share include:

  • Witty one-liners
  • Illustrated quotes
  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Short articles
  • Links to long articles (preferably hosted on your blog)
  • Links to relevant content shared by other industry experts

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