How to Get Video Content Marketing Right For Your Biz

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How to Get Video Content Marketing Right For Your Biz

How to Get Video Content Marketing Right For Your Biz

According to some clever clogs in the world wide web, if a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth 1.8 million… exactly. While that number may seem pretty random, the fundamental thought behind this equation is that video is a key element in marketing – and it makes a massive difference to your engagement and the success of your efforts.

Are you involved in video content marketing for your business?

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Before we get too deep, let’s confirm exactly what video content marketing is.

What is Video Content Marketing?

One definition tells us that video content marketing  “…rests on the principle of creating and distributing valuable & consistent video content to your target audience with the aim of attracting, engaging, and converting qualified leads.”

But, you may ask, isn’t that what I’m doing with my blogs and social media anyway? Well, yes, you probably are. However here are a few stats which may encourage you to rethink the video angle.

Thanks to we know that:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporationand Zabisco)
  • Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. (Source: SEOmoz)
  • Video viewers are 64% more likely to buy than non-viewers.
  • Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversion than the same page without a video. So if you’re spending a lot of time finessing that web copy, you may have better luck with a video. (Source: Orion21).

Take a moment to read the full article, there are 45 snippets of information that will make you wonder why in the world you haven’t done this before!

But creating and editing video can be phenomenally expensive! How can the SME and the start-up get involved without resorting to selling their organs?

How Can Small Businesses Use Video?

While it would be incredible to hand over our ideas to a professional and have them create a Pixar worthy production, chances are good that we don’t have the money for that.

However, we do have a smartphone, and perhaps a laptop – both of which have cameras and microphones built in. Can you see where we are going with this?

Absolutely! Record your own video.

Think about this: have you seen Estate Agents standing in front of a house and talking about the property? In a 60-second video like this, you get to meet the agent, take a quick look at the house, and get a little additional information – which you simply wouldn’t have had reading through yet another real estate listing online. If you are a handy-man, plumber or builder, (many of which have pretty poor reputations) then a short snappy video featuring yourself, talking about what you do, or highlighting a completed project is a great idea. Not only does it cut out the uncertainty of meeting you, but people can (and DO) assess you while they watch: do you come across as trustworthy, professional and reliable?

The bottom line is that video says what a blog post, or even a picture, can’t. It shows personality.

So, if we know that people like video, as evidenced by some of those awesome statistics above, and we know that it increases engagement and boosts your social and online rankings, what’s the problem?

How To Work the Camera in Video Content Marketing

If you have a product that you would like to highlight, then it’s going to be pretty easy, and a bit of fun, to set up a desk or workbench and have someone film the item. No problem.

However, when the camera is pointing at your face, that’s when things go south. Almost all of us feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. But did you know that we are our own worst critic? Here are a few tips to help you to create a simple and personal video to boost your marketing efforts:

  • Take your time. Give yourself some quiet time to plan what you want to say, write it down and then practice. Use a mirror, or your wife, and run through it a few times. The more you’re in front of the camera, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Don’t give yourself too much to do. Get a tripod if you’re using a smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about holding the camera at the right angle while you’re trying desperately to remember what you want to say. Get your lighting and background sorted beforehand and just focus on the moment. Position your camera level with or a little above your face to make your image as flattering as possible.
  • Look directly at the camera. No, you don’t have to stare it down, but if you are looking over there and not into the lens, then you will lose your audience. Go ahead and try it, and notice the difference in overall feel when you talk directly to the camera.
  • Don’t fidget or gesture too much. Try and keep still and keep your gestures to a minimum so as not to detract from what you are saying.

For more practical tips on how to look good on camera, take a look at this article from Sarah Reedohl.

We at the Digital Coach love video. We’ve seen the impact that it has on ranking for our clients and we would love to help you work it into your marketing plan. Why not give us a call and find out a little more?

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