How to get your business to allow you to do more of what you love.

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How to get your business to allow you to do more of what you love.

A guide on how to make money with online marketing.

In this article I’m going to talk about what it takes to move your business from the point of working 24/7 and having no time to spend with your family, to going digital correctly, and getting the quality time with your family you really wanted when you started this in the first place.  

You can do more of what you love.

If you would rather skip to the end and just set up a free call we can do that as well – 30 min to get a snapshot of what you need and how best to implement it.

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The biggest challenge of building your own business is that you’ll end up having to do everything yourself. There is a better way – look around at all the people who are making it work every day. 

Unfortunately for most of us we have a tendency to step out of the corporate world and then only begin to build our own business a little later in life.  In most cases this means that you already have a family, with children. Part of the reason for stepping out of the corporate world to begin with, and starting your own business, is that you want to spend more time with your family but you end up spending more time driving the business and sacrificing those very moments you wanted so badly to spend with your family. Sound familiar? Leave your job because you want more time and more pay, and end up with less of both? It does not have to be that way.

What a great juggling act running a business is, one that very few people get right, but some do and that could be you.

Having started a business from the ground up with no investment and bootstrapping the business to the point where we have a team of fanatical digital marketing people whose sole ambition is to grow our clients revenue has been an interesting if not challenging journey for me.

A lot of mistakes have been made and I am afraid to say a lot will still be made. But in the end, to learn you must do and then correct.

So many things are important to getting a business to work. But if you have an end point in mind that is clear and a purpose that has helped you stay in the game until this moment we can help you keep going forward. Starting with a very simple set of lists. They only work if you take action – no one will do this for you.

Having the correct order to your check list is also important, but you need to always keep that clear objective in mind to make this work and aim for the moon, even if you miss you will still fall amongst the stars. I am sure you have heard that before. As cliched as it is, it is true.

No matter what your business is, whether you are selling a product or service with a B2B or B2C or B2B B2C you still need customers. In order to find customers, people need to know you exist. 

We all start our business with a first client generally coming from a trusted source.  Once this has taken place successfully, we feel brave and confident – we are ready to take on the world. 

The problem is we are like a child running into the sea for the first time not realizing that the first wave is not our friend and if we’re not ready for it we’re about to be dumped severely in the sand. It is not that the sea is bad, it’s just we don’t yet understand the flow.

If anything this article will help you prevent getting dumped in the sand. If you have been dumped it will also help you get up, take the sand out of your costume,  get the salt out of your eyes, your nose and now that you know how it works you can get ready to start having some fun.

So, let’s start this process checking off a couple of key things that you need to have.

First – What is your objective for doing this or as some would say what is your WHY.

Second – Can you deliver the service and can you collect payments.

That is a simple list 🙂 but it hides the true depth of what you are about to work through.

Once you have the basics in place and you know why you got out of bed this morning and every morning you need to get your business working and for that you need to make sure people can find you. 

It won’t help having the most amazing store window if it’s on a deserted island and no one sees it.

It’s funny how much time we spend building the perfect window but never think about getting people in front of the window. “Build it and they will come” WOW like that is ever going to happen.

If I don’t know you exist, then there is no chance that I will ever do business with you. 

“Cue” Digital marketing – if only there was a way or a formula and it was simple to understand and easy to implement we could find the traffic we need. 

And guess what? It is! But the formula is so well hidden by the people who want you to spend money that you end up spending the money (and lots of it) but never learn just how simple and straightforward it is. 

Well the theory – if you know the theory, then you can pay people to do it right but if you don’t know what to look for how do you know its correct.

We have the world at our fingertips, quite literally at our fingertips. The keyboard is the way we can access the world.

But be warned! People’s attention span is really short and fleeting, so if you’ve gotten this far then you really want to solve your problem. Then you know the advice is good and is going to work.

Let’s say you get your business seen, now you need to keep reminding people that you exist. We are inundated with so much information via all the social media channels with Facebook with Google, whether it’s paid or normal media we are just bombarded with information so often that we don’t actually have time to engage.

But luckily digital has made it quite simple for you to remind people once they’ve seen you.

This is your first checklist, none of the items on this list are optional.  If you do not have this list as your basis you are going to struggle for a long time and throw a lot of good money after bad trying to grow your business online.

List A – What you need to tell the world you have a business

  1. A website – for people to do the business
  2. A Facebook Page – for people to show you they care
  3. Paid media – you need the marketing to get them to the door
  4. A means for taking Money – you need to get paid
  5. Email marketing system – you need to say thank you and keep them coming back for more.
  6. Reporting. – you need to know what works

List B – A website must have

  1. Good Content for digital marketing and for SEO or search engine optimization
  2. The content must be free of Jargon
  3. All the pages need to have titles that are in line with what your prospect would type into google for you to get found.
  4. An email subscribe button that sends them a welcome-email – You would not just let someone into your home and ignore them – so why do you do that with your online marketing services?

List C – A Facebook Page

  1. A video in the top of the page
  2. Post relevant, engaging and insightful content regularly 
  3. Have a link to your website

List D – email marketing

  1. Make sure you have a system that can send mail and collect mail.

Now bring it all together with paid media and your reporting.

I know this is quite a lot but you can call and we can talk you through this or read on.

For the whole of the funnel to work (you do know what a sales funnel is- I hope, otherwise book the call I can help) you need to look at the 3 main elements:

TOFU or Top of Funnel (tools needed – Google Display Ads, Facebook ads, audience tracking 540 days in your Google ads with Google analytics and Facebook Pixel.)

This is to get awareness through display ads – they don’t have to remember or recognize your brand but that’s not the point here, we just need them to click.

So the CTA or Display ad needs to Interrupt and be in your face.

Why do you need the tool and what is the recipe?

So first you need to be able to track the people who have seen your website and you need a cookie for that. But the only place you can easily set that up is in the audiences section on your pay per click campaign manager in google ads. Make sure when creating this you set it for 540 days.

Are you still following or do you need that call a friend yet?

Now for the Display ad

The display ad needs to speak to your prospect and be bright. When they click on the ad (this works for Facebook as well) they will then visit your site – even if it is briefly, you still get to put a cookie on their machine. You need 1000 visitors before the next step – so it’s really important to get that ad on point.

Now if you have done this correctly it should take about 20 days to get there – depending on your budget. You can drive tofu on top of funnel traffic from any source as long as you get to the 1000 unique visitors.  – Got 1000? Don’t stop because you need that fresh traffic.

Now the next step

MOFU or middle of the funnel

This is where you make the first offer in exchange for their data and engagement.

So give something of value to get an email and because you already have an audience that has seen your site you can activate the retargeting code. This is the second step.

You paid to get the awareness now I am sure you have something of value that your clients want – but you need something that you can give away for free in exchange for their name and email. This is now the time to use your search marketing and your Display to target the peeps who have already been to your site. Chances are higher that they will engage because they have already done that. So your mofu or middle of funnel ads are all about your free offer that will get them to go to the landing page or a form fill page. This also needs to have a tracking code – you are now refining your audience. 

To recap – display tofu brand awareness

Display and search mofu – great free offer for a name and email

Now we go to the last step and then we start again

Bofu or bottom of the funnel

This is where you close the deal to start them again – keep talking to them with marketing automation.

To make this work you need to have a high volume of people filtering through the funnel to the base to improve the chance of a close. By using the Audience remarketing tools of both FB and Google you should now only have people clicking on your ads who have

  1. Clicked on the Display ad – First touch
  2. Clicked on the second ad and completed the download
  3. Click on the final ad and want to talk to you.

And that’s how you create a sales funnel that delivers leads all the time.

If you are stuck on how to execute, you need to speak to a pro call us and we will help you understand and fill in the gaps

Once this process is working like a well-oiled machine – your marketing is bringing in the business so you can spend less time chasing endless amounts of dead ends, focus on people that want to engage with you,  increase profit and free up time to spend living and not just making one.


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