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Success on LinkedIn is the combination of four key elements:

Understanding your audience. 

Aligning yourself to fit with your audiences expectations, needs and wants. 

Learning simple yet effective key processes and systems such as building a qualified network, brand visibility and awareness, prospecting, client retention and lifetime value. 

Having a successful plan to put into action. Within 30 minutes a day.

Laura Taylor 
Empowered by Cloud

I first went to a LinkedIn event Miles was running in about 2016/2017 and since then I have had over £500k of opportunities land in my LinkedIn inbox which is largely due to how Miles got me thinking about LinkedIn. I would recommend Miles for LinkedIn training over and over.

Brian Hay-Smith Business Development Partner, Mazars

Working with Miles delivered exactly what we needed and more. From scoping to delivery, Miles was with the team all the way and helped us be clear internally and more importantly externally as to our LinkedIn message. The team were very impressed with Miles and how much effort he made to ensure the project was a success. And it was! I am delighted to recommend Miles, if you wish to know more please just get in touch.

Fabrice Jaouën French Military, Paris Miles personally trains flag officers (2-star generals and above) that leave the French military and transition to business life.

I must frankly recognise that among our service providers, Miles Duncan ranks close to the top, if not at the top, thanks to his skills and dedication. Being a trainer for senior leadership is quite a bit of a challenge and only a few people like Miles Duncan can legitimately claim to be successful in this field.

Your Audience

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With over 700,000,000 registered members on LinkedIn – this is a business development and marketing tool (database) you cannot choose to ignore

I’m sure you will have recognised yourself that the way we do business is changing:
• 90% of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls - but do respond to relationship builders 
• 75% of buyers use digital media to be more informed about you and your services 
• Buyers are 63% of the way through the buying process before they contact you 
• Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people in an organisation 
• Your first introduction these days is likely to be digital, so is your digital first impression your best? 

Over the years I have observed businesses and individuals struggle unnecessarily with: 
• The time, cost and uncertainty of achieving growth targets 
• The pressures, stresses and anxiety of unsuccessful business development and marketing programmes 
• The need to try something new that works, that is inexpensive and easy to implement 

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8 QUICK FIXES GUIDE will show you
  1. How to Clarify your Brand for LinkedIn
  2. How to build Background using canva
  3. How to get the correct Personal Photo
  4. How to display relevant Contact Information
  5. How to optimise your Headline
  6. How to optimise your About
  7. How to showcase your Experience
  8. How to set-up Featured Media