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Great Website Content – YES, it’s still very important

Have you noticed that Google’s featured snippet and direct answers are at the top of its search results page? What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization? Does this spell the end of traditional content marketing? What it means for digital marketers is that content is more important than ever. And no, it does not spell the end of content marketing. If anything, it highlights its importance! What is this featured snippet/direct answer of which you speak? When a user types question [...]

How to make a good website that gets traffic and converts

"Good" can be a subjective term: everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a good website, for instance, based on their tastes, preferences, needs, and personal experience. But a good website can be measured objectively in terms of delivery: does the website rank in Google searches? This is a useful benchmark, and it's what we use to define our websites as good - or in need of work. Often, what makes a website rank well in a Google search seems [...]

Information Revolution

First, we had words. Language. We spoke. And we forgot. And so we made tools, and carved our words indelibly into the rock around us. We wanted to remember. But rocks are hard to carry. And so, we invented paper. And that was good enough for all of mankind for a good, llooonng time. Until one day, Johan Gutenberg decided he'd had enough of all the carpal tunel, and he gave us the printing press. This revolution changed the world in every conceiveable way, allowing [...]

Anatomy of an search engine optimized solution

A website that doesn't get you found is worth nothing. It doesn't matter how pretty it looks. It doesn't matter how much you spent on it. It doesn't matter what your photography cost, or how great your e-commerce portal is. If you are not optimized for effective SEO or search engine optimized shame. All of that is wasted if no one very finds you. And without a site optimized for search, no one will. Search engine optimization seems complicated at first. But [...]

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