The Importance of Video Content Marketing in Your Business

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The Importance of Video Content Marketing in Your Business

The Importance of Video Content Marketing in Your Business

We’ve banged away for years about how important content is to your online presence – from your website to your social media platforms. Content is King. Ja, nie, I think we are all pretty clear on the fact that if you don’t have sufficient meat in your marketing, you either won’t get found, or people will get to your 2-sentence site and say, “Now what?” (Both are bad, by the way.)  We’d like to chat with you today about the next-gen content plan – that of video content marketing.

First of all, let’s define this term so we know that we’re not just regurgitating old ideas.

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What is Video Content Marketing?

We understand that content, in this instance, includes educational, informative and entertaining messaging which converts interested prospects into buyers. With these messages, we want to change the way they think about our product and show its relevance in their day to day lives. Video marketing is exactly this but in an easy-to-consume form. Media in the form of video, whiteboard animations, cartoons, or even a simple how-to guide have the ability to condense a 500-word article into a snappy 2-minute video.

We are all very aware of the glut of information out there. It yells at us daily in the form of emails, newsletters, radio and TV ads, billboards, direct mail – whew – it’s exhausting. However, as a business, your message needs to be heard. And this is exactly why so many (wise) business owners are turning to video content marketing in order to stand out.

Bearing this in mind, it will come as no surprise to read that in less than three years’ time,  a predicted 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video. Add to this the fact that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks, and you start to see the big picture.

If you want a piece of that then let’s see what your options are.

Unpacking Video Content Marketing Options

If you take just one thing away from this article, it should be this: video content marketing does not consist of a video. The success of this medium relies – as do your other marketing efforts – on a strong, well-developed strategy. Spending your hard-earned money on a single professional video and hoping that it will “go viral” is a bad idea.

When you consider the options available to you which fall under the umbrella of video content, you’ll see how exciting and far-reaching a campaign like this can be. It allows you to reach and engage your audience at every point of their journey; from introducing your product, educating them, building trust, answering their questions, and showing the direct application in their lives.

So, what are your options?

Explainer Videos

These are perfect for the first stage of your buyer’s journey and can take the form of an animated cartoon or infographic, or an actor (perhaps even a staff member) discussing the product or service on camera. It’s important to understand the difference between a sales video (“But wait, there’s more!”) and an educational piece. An explainer video should clearly highlight how the product solves a problem and show exactly how it works, making sure to answer the frequently asked questions along the way. Explainer videos are friendly, short, and to the point.

Webinars or Live Events

These web-based presentations are usually scheduled, and listeners are encouraged to interact with the speaker and ask questions in a group environment. These are ideal for buyers who are still fairly new to the product or service and need more information, without being sold to.

How-To Videos

It doesn’t get much more educational than this. A short, simple video showing the product in use is a brilliant way to show real-life application to your potential buyers.


We often wonder how many companies write their own testimonials from “John Smith” and post them online… A video of a real person talking about the product as it applied to them, is an enormously powerful tool which every business online should strive for.


This content is tailored to encourage buyers to act, whether it be to visit a webpage which will gather information from them, to contact your business, or any other clearly defined course of action. Buyer’s who have been exposed to the product are more likely to take action at this point because they know the product, they have seen how it works and what problem it solves, and they have confidence in your company or brand.

We have only touched on the countless ways you can use video content to market your business – it’s a fantastic field for you to jump into and see what works for your brand. If you are still a little uncertain and need a few pointers, then come and chat with the Coach. This is what we do!

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