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The Digital Coach team is passionately committed to empowering owners of small and medium enterprises to further grow their business. The team has first-hand experience in the power of digital marketing to generate revenue and business growth, with our aim being to impart what we’ve learned to other businesses. Above all, we are committed to lifelong learning.

Many smaller companies are struggling to find their feet in the uncharted territory of modern business, and the online space seems to loom ahead like a daunting monolith – so terrifying to most, that they simply ignore the potential it offers altogether. Many more see the need and value of digital marketing and related digital services – they simply lack the budget and knowledge to utilise it.

“We don’t have a choice anymore whether we DO [online marketing]. The question is how WELL we do it.” – Erik Qualman

Digital marketing and related digital services need not be any more challenging than any other facet of business development. It is, however, one of the most important.

The Digital Coach is a company that specialises in training and mentoring small and medium businesses with the express goal of helping SMEs to find their feet in the digital ecosystem, while facilitating the growth of market access.

In short, we are a Digital Accelerator for business.

  • Merrilyn Osborn Mack Avatar
    Merrilyn Osborn Mack

    Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop this morning. A very informative experience that puts the digital media and how everything is linked into perspective. A lot of information to grasp but would like to put into practice the concepts discussed. A lot... read more

    Monique Muller Avatar
    Monique Muller

    Great presentation! Very informative & inspiring, it was easy to understand and motivates a person to do more & "love what you do". Thank you Kenneth!

    Trevor Connell Avatar
    Trevor Connell

    It was kinda like watching your teacher do standup comedy. Very informative and highly open to questions. There was no rush to finish and I left with a lot to contemplate as well as my weight's worth of ideas.

    Thank you...
    read more

  • Gary Botha Avatar
    Gary Botha

    Thank you Kenneth and Jade for inviting me to your session today. I have a whole new perspective on Digital Marketing now. The session was worth every minute of my time and has given me a lot to work on... read more

    Kevin Wilson Avatar
    Kevin Wilson

    Absolutely incredible workshop that I attended this morning, had so much useful information given to us and taught in a very understanding manner. Loads to grasp but loved it all!! Great job guys!!!

    Struan Db Langlands Avatar
    Struan Db Langlands

    Attended a workshop with these guys! Loved it and learnt a lot.

  • Andy Biram Avatar
    Andy Biram

    Great delivery on a very baffling subject for a Tech Dummy like myself. It's quite scary to think how much promoting and marketing has changed since I last paid attention but awesome to realise how simple it can be too...

    read more

    Jade Moore Avatar
    Jade Moore

    Love what you do and how you help people to understand the digital environment.

    Michael David Chiole Avatar
    Michael David Chiole

    Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was meaty and really demonstrated the possibilities of using our modern day exposure through Social Media and Websites. Optimisation of the use of these media I believe will create effective branding,marketing and generation of qualified... read more

  • Warr Tree Avatar
    Warr Tree

    Kenneth and his team are expert in the field of social and digital marketing. If you need assistance with your websites and social platforms these are the guys to talk to.

    Liesje Paulsen Avatar
    Liesje Paulsen

    I enjoyed the workshop and found the information to be insightful and beneficial. If you need a "road map" for all things digital marketing, then this is the A - Z workshop, that gives you all the "hand holding" you... read more

    Chris Nel Avatar
    Chris Nel

    Even if I did not pay for the presentation, we travelled 600km to attend and I can assure you it was money well spend.

    The presentation was effective, on time and very informative.

    I realised we need a lot more info...
    read more

  • Karen Vipond Saeys Avatar
    Karen Vipond Saeys

    Thanks Kenneth for introducing me to the lesser known world of social media and it's potential. I am a small business trying to get myself out there. I do not have the time, neither the inclination to understand all the... read more

    Elise Hart Sonnenberg Avatar
    Elise Hart Sonnenberg

    I was there today. Great overview of digital marketing. I am inspired to tell my story and to use the help of professionals at this game. Thanks Kenneth and your team for the motivation. Where to go from here....out there!

    Jayshree Ramjee Avatar
    Jayshree Ramjee

    What an amazing, informative workshop. Thank you Kenneth and Jade. For the lovely coffee as well!!

  • Merrilyn Osborn Mack Avatar
    Merrilyn Osborn Mack

    Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop this morning. A very informative experience that puts the digital media and how everything is linked into perspective. A lot of information to grasp but would like to put into practice the concepts discussed. A lot... read more

    Charles Morton Avatar
    Charles Morton

    I have been to this workshop twice!

    The first time I went as a skeptic. I went a second time to just listen!

    I went not to takes notes or to be convinced about the subject matter, just to take...
    read more

    Monica Groome Avatar
    Monica Groome

    Good presentation to understand the digital world for your business

  • Karina Reid Avatar
    Karina Reid

    I attended the free workshop in Woodmead this morning. Very interesting, insightful and useful.

    Rico Zaaiman Avatar
    Rico Zaaiman

    It is so refreshing to meet a team that understands the need to tell a story. Kenneth and Jade thank you for making this as much fun as we could have. Engaging, informative and thought-provoking!

    Derek J Stone Avatar
    Derek J Stone

    Awesome work as always from these guys - keep it up

  • Rodger Metelerkamp Avatar
    Rodger Metelerkamp

    A belated thank you for a very informative workshop on a very complicated subject.

    Greg Hurwitz Avatar
    Greg Hurwitz

    Brilliant Session that gives you an understanding of the basics and best practises!

    Paul Walker Avatar
    Paul Walker

    Digital coach 101 Kenneth Nel is "THE" Information Age and Social Media Guru! Was life-changing to hear how you can network and expand your reach in today's fast paced business world at the Digital Coach 101 Workshop @ 3M. If... read more

  • Gallah Pankhurst Avatar
    Gallah Pankhurst

    Wonderful! I really loved it! So enticing and entertaining

    Danie Barnard Avatar
    Danie Barnard

    I have for a long time been looking for someone who can REALLY get the maximum out of digital marketing for me and my business. Based on what I saw and learned yesterday, I have no doubt I am at... read more

    Stuart Goodwin Avatar
    Stuart Goodwin

    Thank you Kenneth (and Jade and David) for the GREAT talk- I really learnt a lot and look forward to dealing more with you guys. I only gave you 4 stars because the water for the coffee ran out...hahaha!!

  • Jonathan Johansen Avatar
    Jonathan Johansen

    What an incredible experience, I learned so much about the inner workings of social media, and how to grow my online presence. Immensely insightful!

    Natasha Tash Grobler Avatar
    Natasha Tash Grobler

    Thank you for the insightful training session. The digital coach is a great concept and I know that each sessions will help me improve my marketing skills.

    Lizet Coelho Rosen Avatar
    Lizet Coelho Rosen

    Attended the full day digital workshop today, and have an absolute wealth of information to work with!

    Thank you �

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