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What’s The Importance Of A Website? Start-ups, This One’s For You!

One Mississippi, two Mississippi….That’s how I learned to count seconds as a child. So, please indulge me here for [...]

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Social Media – Start-up Businesses’ Secret Weapon

The UK is a great place to start a business. And I’m not just saying that because I live [...]

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Why You Should Optimise Your Website For Global Traffic

As native English speakers, we can be very arrogant. No, it’s true. I’m the first one to put up [...]

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  • 5 star review  Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was meaty and really demonstrated the possibilities of using our modern day exposure through Social Media and Websites. Optimisation of the use of these media I believe will create effective branding,marketing and generation of qualified leads for any business. I am very6 impressed and excited about the way Kenneth has filled in the gaps and presents a complete solution. Looking forward to getting involved.

    thumb Michael David Chiole

    5 star review  What an amazing, informative workshop. Thank you Kenneth and Jade. For the lovely coffee as well!!

    thumb Jayshree Ramjee

    5 star review  Lots of valuable information. Thank you Kenneth and Jade

    thumb Hanita Muthray
  • 5 star review  Great #free session this morning, thank you! look forward to the coffee consult!

    thumb Charlotte D Blignaut

    5 star review  Thank you Kenneth and Jade for inviting me to your session today. I have a whole new perspective on Digital Marketing now. The session was worth every minute of my time and has given me a lot to work on in order to get our business into this space. Thanks, much appreciated!

    thumb Gary Botha

    5 star review  Digital Coach 101 is a must for all businesses who wants to grow and enhance their online presence and even. The coach really opened my eyes how we under-utilize the digital and social media to increase our customer base and grow our businesses. I really like Digital Coach 101's methadelogy, I definitly recommend this training for all who wanna increase their digital marketing initiatives and see real results - there's so much we learned on 6 June 2017.

    thumb Arnold Palmer
  • 5 star review  In this new digital era, we are never to old to learn. I recently attended a very valuable and information session with Kenneth from The Digital Coach who clearly has a huge passion for this untapped industry. Kenneth has travelled extensively and is very passionate about helping business reach new hights. Do yourself a favour and attend this session - it will open a new world to you. Thank you Kenneth

    thumb Madeleine Colling

    5 star review  Expert, Enthusiastic, Encouraging and Entertaining. Highly recommend The Digital Coach 101

    thumb Penelope Michel

    5 star review  Attended the free digital marketing workshop today. Kenneth shared valuable information which is vital to anyone who wants to maximise their business digitally. All the information was easy to understand and Kenneth is superbly knowledgable about all aspects of digital marketing. Both Kenneth and Jade are very approachable which makes them a great team to work with. Thank you for an awesome, eye-opening morning.

    thumb Chanti Jackson
  • 5 star review  Wonderful! I really loved it! So enticing and entertaining

    thumb Gallah Pankhurst

    5 star review  A belated thank you for a very informative workshop on a very complicated subject.

    thumb Rodger Metelerkamp

    4 star review  Thank you Kenneth (and Jade and David) for the GREAT talk- I really learnt a lot and look forward to dealing more with you guys. I only gave you 4 stars because the water for the coffee ran out...hahaha!!

    thumb Stuart Goodwin
  • 5 star review  It is so refreshing to meet a team that understands the need to tell a story. Kenneth and Jade thank you for making this as much fun as we could have. Engaging, informative and thought-provoking!

    thumb Rico Zaaiman

    4 star review  Thank you for a well informed and helpful workshop.

    thumb Yvonne Kotze

    4 star review  Very inspiring and informative workshop this morning Ken, our key takeaways for the morning ... "To have fun with what we are doing" share .. share ! and of course.... create a statement, that is spoken about.. because More is MORE! not less @gearhousegroup - Robyn and Liza (Gearhouse Group)

    thumb Liza Claire Hooper
  • 5 star review  Great workshop this morning thanks guys. Very informative and learned a great deal about the ins and outs of digital marketing...

    thumb Chris Budai

    5 star review  Thank You to Kenneth and David for sharing their knowledge with me at their recent Digital Talk! The information received is beyond valuable and I am so excited to put it into action �� A wonderful Team to work with!

    thumb Bridgie Thysse

    5 star review  Woooow what an amazing, informative and incredible morning to spend time Kenneth at his Digital marketing cource. I has so many aha moments and he has change the way I view facebook and websites and the importance thereof by having a digital strategy. It's imperative for anyone who has or is even thinking of owning their own business to get in touch with the Digital Coach 101!!

    thumb Tracy Harris

Digital Marketing Marathon Training

In twenty years of online marketing, we’ve learned a thing or two. We want to help business owners figure it out. People like us. People who don’t know where to start … They just know they must.

So we compiled a course to share what we’ve learned.

Our comprehensive digital marketing course is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. The finish line? Sales. Lots of them.