Web Creation

I Want a Cheap eCommerce Website

There is a global scramble for the online space. Brick and mortar businesses have realised with shocking clarity that they need to go where the people are...and the people are online. “Cheap eCommerce website” seems to be the Google search of the day.If you’re a start-up and just finding your feet in business, then you’re on a budget, we get it. But if you’re an established business, or you have funding to get your fabulous concept to market, then [...]

What’s The Importance Of A Website? Start-ups, This One’s For You!

One Mississippi, two Mississippi….That’s how I learned to count seconds as a child. So, please indulge me here for a second and say “one Mississippi” out loud. Did you do it? Now think about this: In that one second, in the time it took you to say “one Mississippi,” Google processed 40 000 search queries. By the time you’d finished reading that sentence, it had processed over 100 000 more.The numbers are pretty hard to get your head around, [...]

Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Professional Website

Think about your employees for a minute. Well, to be more specific, think about your very best employee. You know the one I mean. That wonderful person who seems to walk into the office every morning in movie-esque slow motion. The one who draws everyone’s attention when they glide across the floor to the coffee machine or water cooler. And of course, the one who makes record sales month after month, or who produces mind-blowing reports that impress even [...]

The Great Website Smackdown – Design vs User Experience

Why Do You Have a Website? One of the (many) perverse things about life is that there are more questions than answers. True story. So often we struggle in vain to resolve issues or find solutions to problems. For some reason, we’re convinced that there have to be answers. Why? Says who? In what Rule Book Of Life is this written down?We’d all get a lot more sleep, and ditch the Gucci luggage under our eyes if we learned to [...]